MetroPCS is now Metro by T-Mobile, new unlimited plans include Google One

Metro by T-Mobile logo
Metro by T-Mobile logo (Image credit: Metro by T-Mobile)

T-Mobile, one of the most disruptive wireless carriers in the U.S., is completely refreshing (opens in new tab) its pre-paid subbrand MetroPCS with a new look, name, and more feature-rich plans.

Starting next month, MetroPCS will be rebranded as Metro by T-Mobile. The prepaid wireless provider will keep its existing 2GB and 5GB plans (although 5GB is now doubled to 10GB) that are the most affordable of the bunch, but its new unlimited options will be upgraded across the board.

The $50/month unlimited plan still comes with just 5GB of LTE mobile hotspot, but now you also get Google One included for free. That means you get upgraded Google Drive storage, expert help, Play credits, and more at no extra cost. If you upgrade to the $60/month unlimited plan, you'll get 15GB of LTE hotspot, Google One, and a full Amazon Prime membership.

And, just like before, all taxes and fees are included in the prices that Metro advertises.

Metro by T-Mobile is the first wireless carrier to bundle Google One with its plans, but just last month, Sprint also announced that its Unlimited Premium $90/month plan comes with Amazon Prime.

Do you think you'll give Metro by T-Mobile a shot?

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  • Maybe I'm a little confused here, but why would someone go with the Metro vs T-Mobile directly? Seems like the costs are exactly the same.
  • The extra benefits. Having Google One sounds pretty nice to me.
  • Metro has much better prepaid plans than TMobile direct. Much more value and have been that way for awhile.
  • Agreed
  • The post paid is pretty good if you fit a certain demographic.
  • Prime is for NEW Amazon Prime customers only (so you'd need to set up a new Prime account). From the fine print on the MetroPCS website:
    Offer valid for new Amazon Prime members. Amazon Prime has a $12.99/month value.
  • I'll give it a try but here lately my phone hangs up on every call.
  • This still can't touch Walmart Family Mobile. I get 6GB of data, my wife gets 3GB, for $68/month total. I've never gone over the 6GB limit to get throttled. No other carrier can come close to this.
  • T-Mo 60 bucks out the door for two lines - unlimited. 55+ I was shocked when I saw them offering that.
  • I got Metro.. Just switched from the $60 plan to the $50 recently because I don't use Hotspot. Amazon Prime may definitely be worth the upgrade though..
  • Can't wait,I already have the $60 plan!😁😂😁
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