Sprint Unlimited Premium costs $90/month, includes 50GB mobile hotspot and Amazon Prime

Less than two months ago, Sprint decided to do away with its one-size-fits-all unlimited plan and introduce two new ones — Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Basic. Starting today, those two plans are being joined by another, more expensive option called Unlimited Premium.

Sprint Unlimited Premium costs $90/month for one line, but if you bring over your own phone or buy a brand-new one at full price, goes down to $80/month. Included with the plan is unlimited talk, text, and data, video streaming in Full HD, unlimited talk, text, and LTE data in Mexico + Canada, and global roaming in over 185 countries around the world.

None of that's particularly special, but one of the big perks of Unlimited Premium is that you get access to 50GB of mobile hotspot data each and every month. For comparison's sake, Unlimited Plus only comes with 15GB.

To make the deal even sweeter, Sprint also includes:

  • Amazon Prime ($119/year value)
  • Tidal Premium ($9.99/month value)
  • Hulu with Limited Commercials ($7.99/month value)
  • Lookout Premium Plus mobile security service ($99.99/year value)

Plus, for a limited time, Unlimited Premium subscribers get $20 in Uber credits to use each month.

The act of wireless carriers having multiple "unlimited" plans can get old really fast, but Sprint's latest offer with Unlimited Premium honestly sounds like an amazing deal. If you're interested, you can check it out for yourself on Sprint's site right now.

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Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • It does sound good with all that they add, but what good are all these things if you can't get good speeds on your phone. I really like Sprint because they are cheap, but it getting to the point where if they don't fix their network soon, I'll be forced to go elsewhere and pay more.
  • We have talked before, have you researched T-Mobile in your area yet? My advise is buy the cheapest GSM phone you can get and do the cheapest prepaid plan available and try for a month. Maybe you have a friend or relative on TMobile and do speed testing.
  • I'll be looking into this weekend. I was just thinking about what you told me earlier when I saw this article.
  • Depending on the phone you have with Sprint {GS9}, your phone and plan pricing will carry over after the "Sprint/TMobile" merger.
    I'm just waiting for next year, no need to change phones because all they will do is a firmware change on compatible phones.
  • Now let's see what the other 3 companies do....🤔
  • Nothing cuz Sprint is dead last and remain that way unless their service gets better... Lol I'm in the Bay Area, CA and man does the service suck. I'm on the BYOD unlimited plan for 1 yr free so I don't know if i'm relegated to 2nd tier or lower for the service but it sucks... Sometimes I don't even feel it's worth the $2.90 taxes I have to pay each month... it's THAT bad...
  • Yeah I only lasted two months on that free plan last year then I switched back to verizon, sprint service really is that bad.
  • Sprint is trash
  • Depending on where you live
  • Exactly
  • Exactly, I'm sure most of us are smart enough to do some research on how carriers perform in a certain area. I left Sprint a month ago for TMobile. I was with Sprint for 10 years because it was the cheapest but service was spotty at best. Very happy with TMobile now. Speeds have tripled and coverage has doubled. West Michigan area.
  • Traitor! J/k 😜
  • Good to know about West Michigan. I was thinking about switching to TMobile. My friends here in Los Angeles get good service, but I been wondering about when I visit home in Kalamazoo.
  • In Philadelphia sprint is awesome.. And when I travel to Miami, Atlanta, North Carolina, Virginia, Boston, and DC coverage was great... Guess it's where u love
  • True, no reason for the carrier battles we have on tech sites. They are all nesasary evils.
  • So, I have Sprint as my personal service here in Virginia. I work at Naval Base Norfolk and live in Hampton. I have the worst signal at work and at home. Note 8, Airave, wifi calling feature. Still these gimmicks do not work consistently. Peers and family think I'm blocking calls because they go straight to voicemail sporadically at work and home. Been with Sprint since they bought Primeco. 18 years the fool! Oh yea. I'm a Marine so that explains the stubbornness.
  • Thank you for your service and have a great Labor Day Holiday!
  • Sprints new slogan should be the carrier of desperation.
  • I'd be wary. Signed up for a line during the $15 deal and so far they have billed $76 each month and can't seem to figure out why or fix it.
  • Any one know if this plan is only for someone switching to Sprint or can customers currently on Sprint take part?
    Also, if you have 4 people on a plan do you all split a single Amazon prime and Hulu account?
    I quickly looked on their website but didn't see those answers.
  • No splits on the add-ons. One account per the main account.
  • Said it once, say it again about Sprint!!!!! No matter how good the plan! Garbage coverage makes plan worthless!!!! Period
  • Depending on WHERE YOU LIVE
  • Exactly! My service took a nose dive and within the past month it's been top notch from where I live. Actually Sprint out performed everyone but T-Mobile. Still going to be hard to dig themselves out of their whole. A damaged brand name, sticks!!!! I'll hang in there until merger, if it goes South as far as going out of business, I'll eventually bounce to T-Mobile.
  • Still not worth it as you still can't talk and surf at the same time. My .02
  • They'll be beta testing VoLTE this month so......
  • Sprint GS9 can surf and talk at the same time with the Calling Plus feature built into the ROM.
  • If they work for you in your area cool....
    But as an OTR driver that does lower 48 and some of Canada..... I would not touch them with a 10ft pole... I just wish other carriers could compete with Verizon nation wide coverage... I can be on the east side of Montana
    And get 70 Mbps download speed....Verizon nationwide 4g is very good.....have to play my overwatch and world of warcarft.....
  • Hopefully not while driving
  • What you don't multitask?
  • The Calling Plus feature on recent galaxy devices is ultra unreliable. I gave it a go a few different times, calls dropped or would never initiate the dialing phase. Now on Verizon, especially with the Note 9 BOGO!
  • Sprint is getting better, but I think it's a little too late. People just remember the bad from Sprint. Going to be hard to comeback if they don't merge.
  • I have to say that they are actually quite good in North Carolina. They recently beefed up their band 41 coverage all over Raleigh and the surrounding suburbs and now speed and bandwidth are about double what they previously were. Also, I recently drove to Central Iowa from NC and had very good reception almost the whole way. I previously had Verizon and experienced roughly the same frequency of dropped calls or data so I decided paying double the monthly rate was no longer worth it. Plus, I always seem to get to talk to a CS rep in Arizona (Scottsdale or Tuscon I think) whenever I need help which is almost never.
  • They're great in the Albany, NY area as well as most places I travel. I've been with them about 4 years. I'm signing up for the new plan once it becomes available. I like the 50Gb hotspot feature as well as the Amazon Prime plan. I use Amazon quite a bit. My only question is what's next and who'll bring it out. Enjoy the holiday weekend.
  • Sprint is junk
  • The main reason I left Sprint is because you couldn't talk and browse web at the same time. It's 2018 no excuse for that.
  • I've had it with sprint. I was with them for 10 years and just switched to Verizon. The service is so much better even though I'm paying more. I brought my own device and I'm on the $90 plan. I finally have service in my office at work and in places where I had no service with sprint and did I say the speed is great. No more buffering when streaming. BTW my speed slows down after 22gb and it's still fast enough to stream etc so I'm happy
  • Unfortunately Sprint service sucks on the East side of my city. When I go visit family its almost impossible to surf the web and dont try Youtube period!! At my home its fast on the South side.
  • Now Sprint is decommissioning calling plus! What the hell? That's the only way I can even make calls at my house.