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'Merlot red' Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launches in Korea

When Samsung announced its new Galaxy Note 3 color options earlier this month, it said they'd be launched according to market preferences. And now we have our first indication of what that means for the company's native land — Korean consumers will have the chance to pick up the Note 3 in vivid "merlot red." The red Galaxy Note 3 launches today on Korean carrier SKT, and is targeted at "passionate and stylish men and women of all ages."

The red variant joins the original three — classic white, jet black, blush pink — as well as the new rose gold white and rose gold black announced alongside merlot red a few weeks back.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow (Korean) (opens in new tab)

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  • Ooooh so sexyyy!! I want it! (Tosses his black Note 3 away... OK, not really :P I do have a bright-red case on it, though...)
  • Why they wait so long.. should have already been available Posted via Android Central App
  • Firstly very pretty lady-rather have her over the red Note 3 as I already have a black note 3 and that's my preference lol seriously though it would be good business for Samsung to adopt the Motorola principle and offer all colour variations at launch. Posted via Android Central App
  • What a piece of sh*t are Samsung... Why they release this cool colors after 3 months? I bought White one, because there was only white and black.. If there was RED of course I would buy red... Stupid Samsung.. This is why next phone 99% will be again Apple!
  • Yeah, because Apple gives you so many options on the color of their high-end phones... ¬¬'
    And you're gonna slap a case on it anyways
  • Enjoy your red iPhone 5S
  • Lol exactly. ಠ益ಠ
  • Check out his twitter:
    He is REALLY upset about it. Hahaha.... wtf. It is just a damn color.
  • Let's see your twitter. Ah of course.. You are one stupid troll, f*cking hippie.. Hiding his ugly face, making stupid comments so you think yourself badass.. But you'r just a troll.. Pretty sure you are broke with phone for 100$ but commenting about people who spend 10x more.. No it's not JUST color when you pay 1050$ and they release something cooler after 3 months!
  • You are not helping your cause at all.
    Also your ability to speak the English language is atrocious.
  • Pha, funny guy... The idiot who comment about my twitter has NEXUS 4 (piece of crap for 100$) And he is telling me I am upset for something i spend 10x more? Of course I am.. It's like buying today regular 32" Samsung Tv for 1000$ and 2 days after you go to the same store and see they sell 3D 55" Samsung Tv for the same price..
  • That "idiot" is me. My previous phone (not that it matters) was a Note 2. Your analogy is TERRIBLE. It is nothing like that. It is like buying a TV and coming back in 3 months and the same exact TV is available in Red for the same price.
  • Do you take out your Tv?
  • Oh I see, the appearance of something only matters to you as long as other people see it. Ahh it all makes sense now /s.
    In reality I never questioned it for a second. Also the dollar sign ($) goes before the numerical amount:
    Like this --> $100
    Not like this --> 100$
    Sorry pet peeve.
  • Of course it matters.. First thing people see is how you look.. :-)
  • While I agree, judging someone based on what they spend on material items is just sad really.
  • Wow, I think that Joe's case is made by the fact that you paid what, 250 above retail? Not a smart man... -----------------------------------------
    Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!
  • The Nexus 4 was originally 350. If you spent 10 times more on the Note 3: A: Phones are expensive, where you live. B: You need your ass whooped, for spending so much and getting ripped off so bad, lol. Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5
  • lol, that about sums it up
  • Yes where I live phones are expensive.. Note 3 - $1000. iPhone 5S 16 GB right now is $1200 :-) You have no choice if you want to have the latest phone :-)
  • Do the carriers do contracts over there? I'd hate to have to pay that much for a phone. Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5
  • If you take it with contract it's cheaper with $30 - $50.. So it's not a big deal.. And you will be stuck for 2 years...
  • I am ashamed to admit I even watch the same TV show as him... SMH it's a color, it doesn't matter... -----------------------------------------
    Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!
  • I am ashamed to see that "people" like you even exist. In my country I pay 1050$ for Note 3. I don't use cases, I like my phone like out of the box.. At least I can choose my color. 3 months after I paid so much money, they release something looking 10x better.. So f*ck you stupid hippies!
  • Wow, really sad that people can get this upset about a different color plastic phone. I mean seriously, is that *really* such a consuming issue in your life? And isn't it ironic that you use the language you do, the extent to which you're upset about this, the desire for red over your existing white, your boasting of how much money you spent on your phone, your calling everyone else a hippy, your shirtless twitter photo with gaudy gold chain and designer sun glasses prominently displayed.... over text saying "Stay Classy". I think everything you've displayed here is about as polar opposite of any definition classy as I can imagine.
  • Spot on ol' chap!
  • +9000 Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5
  • In my country we have different style. Can you afford gold chain? designer sunglasses? Pretty sure you can't.. But you are talking about me? I feel sorry about you :-) Yes I like being shirtless.. When you have good body why not? If you are fat, of course you will say this.. :-) I like everything in my life to be the best.. And it's not the biggest problem, but yes it is a problem.. Black is ugly.. So I bought white.. But it's getting dirty so easy.. And one more thing... Even in America people are wearing designer sunglasses, gold chains and walking shirtless.. Maybe you live in a cave... And why you hide your twitter, facebook, even here no profile picture? Ugly? Broke? Fat? What's the reason? :-)
  • Even in America people who wear designer sunglasses, gold chains and walking around shirtless are the worst kind of people.
    In shape or not, when I see that the first word that comes to mind is "toolbag".
  • Who say that? Broke people? People who can't afford it? Fat people ashamed from their body? :-)) Show us how you look, maybe without chain, designer sunglasses and not shirtless you are still toolbag.. :-)
  • I actually take very good care of myself, but I don't need to post pictures on the internet for validation. The fact that you are trying to get a picture of me is getting a little creepy.
    I believe this is when I bid you good day.
  • Creepy? AHAHA.. Maybe this is just your excuse.. What you mean "take very good care of myself"? Taking a bath once a month? ... I just wanted to see who is judging me.. :-)
  • I am not going to spell it out for you. I think the intelligence barrier in the conversation is too vast for it to continue.
  • I just realized who it is. It's tantai!! And, he's back with a vengeance!! EVERYBODY RUN!! Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5
  • Christ on a stick... I wouldn't be surprised. Constantly threatening to switch to Apple, hating Samsung, but continually buying their devices.
  • Hippies, trolls and broke people, haters always support each other.. This is all I can say :-)))
  • and ignorance is bliss and you are a happy happy fellow (well not this second)
  • You are the epitome of toolbar WITH the chain (gold plated), sunglasses (counterfeit) and shirtless (genetics). You will always be a little man as long as that is what is important to you -----------------------------------------
    Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!
  • You are the epitome of toolbar WITH the chain (gold plated), sunglasses (counterfeit) and shirtless (genetics). You will always be a little man as long as that is what is important to you -----------------------------------------
    Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!
  • My chain is real gold with platinum, sunglasses are 100% original and worth more than you will make for 5 months :-) You make me smile man.. It's always nice to see people jealous. This means I am already better than you :-)
  • told you, Jersey shore...
  • G-T-S Gym Tan Samsung!
  • That's actually hilarious. Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5
  • Lol Ty- Actually very easy to type from my BLACK note 3!
  • Life punk'd you.. This is why you are a joke :-)) One more hater in the world.. Not a big deal :-)
  • Technically, no. It just means that you have better stuff. "Stuff" doesn't make a man, or a person, for that matter. If someone takes all of your stuff, then you're a nobody. But, don't allow us to stop you. Worship your possessions to your heart's content. You've been warned. Don't spend your life worrying about what other people think of you. There are a lot of fools in the world. Don't cater to them. Take care, brother. Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5
  • We live in a material world man.. This what people care about "Stuff".. Yeah without them you are nobody.. And this is why there are so many haters.. Because they are nobody.. They can't afford to be someone.. More people don't give a f*ck how good guy you are.. They care only what you have ;-)
  • I agree, we do live in a material world. It is a sad, but true fact. But, that doesn't mean we have to conform to it. If your "friends" are constantly judging you based on what you have, then those same friends will dislike you for things that you don't have. I'm only speaking from experience. By the looks of your picture, we're probably close in age (I'm 25). For awhile, I only had materialistic friends and girlfriends. As soon as I lost my job, they scattered. I learned my lesson. What I'm trying to say is: don't worry too much about impressing the wrong people. That path only leads to madness. Take care, brother. Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5
  • We live in different worlds man.. In USA there are people who don't care about stuff and will be with you no matter what.. In my country this is not an option.. Yes I am 25 too.. I was poor when I was 16-20 and I learned my lesson too.. Without money here you are NOBODY.. And people who don;t have money are angry... They hate you, they want to see you down... But as you see this is worldwide.. People have so much hate in their soul.. Now I see why "cyber bullying" is such a big problem in USA.. I told my Opinion and 5 guys jumped on me.. But I take it as a joke.. I am really enjoying seeing haters MAD and ANGRY and all the sh*ts they say just to make you down... :-))
    Take care too :-)
  • money does not make a man, a man makes money
  • Money are money.. Man is a man.. Do you see now dude you are a bad person? You tried to hurt me with talking about my look? You are talking in gadget forum for my look? You said I am poor, even when I am 1000x maybe richer than you? Without knowing me.. You all need just to read what you wrote about me and how nasty it looks.. Just because I shared my OWN opinion.. :-) If there was someone who takes it personal he would be very hurt.. Really IF i was you I would be so ashamed of myself.. Trying to take down a man i Even don't know.. Wish at least on holidays people to be better.. But this is the SAD part, they are not.. As every other day, they are full of hate... So bad.. In USA especially people have 100000000 reasons more than us in Bulgaria and a lot of other countries to be happy and to be good people.. What a waste.. :-)
  • I think anyone who reads this whole conversation, out of the people involved you come across as the dick. Go read what you wrote you are the aggressor at the beginning of each topic, then people defend themselves from you. Don't preach kindness if you aren't going to follow your own words. I started all of this by pointing out how upset you were on your twitter (a public forum). I didn't call you names or degrade you in anyway. This was your immediate response:
    "You are one stupid troll, f*cking hippie.. Hiding his ugly face, making stupid comments so you think yourself badass.. But you'r just a troll.." "stupid" "troll" "f-ing hippie" "ugly" all in one 'sentence'. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  • No, you was crying for attention :-) You tried to make fun of me.. I just gave you a reason to release your anger and hate :-) I stand 100% behind my words, this forums are full with losers who think they are cool and they can make fun of people.. Trolls hippies.. You could say "I don't agree with you".. You are checking my Twitter, you are SHOWING my twitter account to other people.. Who does that? Only sick people.. First learn how to treat people, than talk what I said.. I said it with a reason.. To see where you can go.. And i was really shocked, how nasty and bad you all can be... First if you are grown man when I say something negative or insult you, you will not respond.. But you played my game.. And you were PLAYED :-)) You all showed your real faces.. Of bad people, people who will say everything to HURT someone.. You should be ashamed.. I feel sorry for people like you.. You really need to go out more and see the real life, find friends, maybe you won't be the mistake you are right now.. Looking all day to hurt someone.. This is awful.. You started with my look, my chains and ext.. First how you can judge someone for the way he looks? Because you think you style is cool, this doesn't mean in other people eyes you are like a clown.. I even don't understand why people REPLY when they are not on the same page.. It was fun and SAD to speak with all of you.. Wish you Merry Christmas and be kind one another.. You are not only one with feelings.. Have a nice holidays :-))
  • Don't have a twitter account linked in your profile if you don't want people to look at it.
    You are trying to make me out as the bad guy and not yourself. I owned up to what I did, I shared your PUBLIC twitter link, that's it. I wish you could do the same. If a stranger really hurt your feelings on the internet I feel bad for you. Throwing out hate speech and calling people names and then saying I hurt your feelings. You showed your real face, and bad part is you are OK with the way you acted and think it was justified. You are 25, I hope one day you grow up and realize the internet is not your playground, but I don't expect it anytime soon.
  • Can you read? You can't hurt me, cuz I don't give a F for losers in forums.. (There are and cool guys but it's so rare).. But THERE ARE peope who can take it personally.. My thing was ACTING.. Not real me.. I just entertained myself.. :-) Yes I am 25 and this is why I don't give a F about hating people.. This is why I don't want to make fun of people.. Yes I put my account for people who want to contact me with the right reasons.. Not some punk to try to make fun of me.. Yes you are the bad guy.. CRAZY guy.. Someone who is staying all day on the Pc.. Eating sh*ts.. Angry to the world and forums are the place where he can release all his anger to people who don't know him and can't find him to break his ugly face.. Do you feel me? This is why people like you are hiding their faces.. Because when someone see your face will tell "PHAHA an this guy is talking shits about me.. This piece of shit.. I won't even respond to him".. You should feel sorry about yourself, not about me.. Have a nice holidays :-)
  • You have more replies on this thread thoughout the day than I do. Suddenly now you were "acting" all along, Ya OK. Don't be a hypocrite. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
  • THIS^ Spot on +9000 old chap
  • If you have so much money just buy the red Note 3..what's another %1000+, right? Posted via Android Central App
  • lol Lets see.. Me:
    House, paid
    cars, paid
    kids college, paid,
    gadgets, any I want
    wife happy
    Job with more than one zero at the end of the paycheck at year end, yep You:
    gold chain
    pissed at a color of plastic
    cannot afford shirt
    less than McD's wages per month
    douche sunglasses, that are counterfeit
    bitter Kinda sure I am ahead. I am finished with you pinhead. Grow up
  • You:
    House, paid - Lie
    cars, paid - Lie
    kids college, paid, - LIE (who will be so brave to have kids with human like you)
    gadgets, any I want - YEAH we see..
    wife happy - If you have wife.. Yes she may be happy.. With her Lover.. :-)
    Job with more than one zero at the end of the paycheck at year end, yep - $100? Me: Gold/Platinum chain - $7000.
    Sunglasses - 2000$
    T-shirt - 300$
    Cars - Bmw X6, Mercedes-Benz S600 AMG
    My monthly money.. 1000X more than your for year..
    ME: Good guy, who don't give a f*ck about other people.. I am not hater.. I don't hate people who have more than me.. I have friends, life (All you don't have)..
  • All that money, maybe you should try Bosley.
  • Wow, you spent 7000 on a chain and 2000 on sunglasses? I'd rather buy a used BMW with that money, lol. 300 for a t-shirt? That's a Nexus 7 right there, lol. If you believe in God, then you should be thankful for all that you have, brother. Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5
  • IF you had any of that stuff, your whiney little bitchy ass would not be crying even a little over $1000 phone because it comes in another color, you would just get a new one.
  • In my country we don't get all goodies like you :-) And having a lot of money, doesn't mean you need to blow them for the same phone.. This is the difference between smart and stupid people.. And IT'S NOT about the money... It's just not RIGHT 3 month later to release the same gadget and only difference is color ;-)
  • ...and it is common practice. It may suck, but there is no need to get your panties in such a twist about it. You really do need to go back to an iPhone. It suits you
  • Welcome to the Jersey Shore, Bulgaria. Let me tell you something, in America you would be a joke (not sure you aren't there). A bad punchline. As far as colors go, black is ugly? I know your country is a bit backwards and behind the times, but the neon hip hop look went out about 20 years ago. Last but not least, it is a phone, just a phone. No need to have a Hissy fit. I guess that maybe it is a status symbol there, and I guess that is normal for a country that the average person makes 600$ a month, but it still is just a tool. It doesn't define you. -----------------------------------------
    Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!
  • Google don;t work for you.. Average person makes 250 - 300$.. If you wasn't so dumb you will do the math, How you feel when you spend 1000$, and 3 months later they release the same thing but different color, looking 10x better. :-) I don't know about me.. But I am sure you are a joke in America right now.. Do you even watch Tv? Music videos? Following the celeb news? What people wear? But people like you are everywhere in the world.. Hippies, trolls.. Broke people who can't afford nice life, hating people who can.. Black is not ugly.. Black Note 3 is ugly :-)
  • I was being generous. Now I know why you are so upset. I wouldn't get out of bed for that kind of weekly wage let alone monthly. Lol, I just realized that my 15 year old made more than that over the holidays. -----------------------------------------
    Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!
  • I said "average people", not me :-) I am sure I make monthly more than you are making for a year.. So shut the f**k up. You are embarrassing yourself :-)
  • I am just different than you.. I have money, good life.. And I am not angry to other people.. I don't attack people for no reason, or because they share their own opinion.. Of course in your eyes I am the wrong one.. I told you haters and hippies support each others :-)
  • They still have Music video's? I havent seen that since Jersey shore replaced them on MTV.....oh we all see where you got it from. Good luck with that "American Idol self entitlement" thingy. Do you even lift, bro?
  • I don't give a rat's rear what country you live in - pathetic is pathetic, and you, my friend, are the epitome of pathetic. You place such importance on petty material items, money, looks, etc. I too want everything *that's important* in my life to be the best too... I have the best wife and the best son. Outside those things, gold chains and designer sunglasses don't really factor in. And yes, I could afford gold chains and designer sunglasses. Quite easily. Don't be so presumptuous... it's rather classless. Oh, and sure, even in America people wear gold chains and designer sunglasses. We call them douche bags here too.
  • Spot on -----------------------------------------
    Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!
  • It sounds to me you spent your life savings on it, so sorry for you -----------------------------------------
    Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!
  • Hi! I bought my Note 3 Brand new for half the price you paid. Good thing I live in the US of A huh? You do know that you're using Samsung while calling people hippies right? Yes. Now go back to your closet.
  • @spock123 Enjoy your stupid comment :) I mean they don't add other colors later! :-)
  • Buy a red back flip cover or buy space gay gray! You could go with the rose gullable gold iPhone 3 grate choices for the more refined 4inch toy screen lol Posted via Android Central App
  • Yes piece of so and so samsung do it precisely for this reason people go out and buy another handset and sell their own at a cheaper price. Samsung aren't stupid loyal consumers are!
  • Obviously nobody in Samsung marketing has ever had a real merlot. It looks more like Kool Aid red.
  • I just had the saddest vision of the old, retired, and shriveling Red Koolaid Man jumping into a trash compactor, the cube arriving at the Samsung factory and its remains being recycled on this phone. But yeah, that's not Merlot Red, but it's still cool and sexy and, well, RED!
  • Everyone holding these phones in other countries(like pictured) always look the same posting while eating gummybears in your girlfriends bedroom
  • yeah but she can hold my phone however she wants...
  • Lol! Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5
  • I want this... forget my note 3 black. Posted via Android Central App on Note 3
  • HLMAO! ....Flipp! I said the same thing! Posted via Android Central App
  • I love their models Posted via Android Central App
  • Hold up. No one mentioned the "passionate and stylish men" as a demographic for this color of the phone? Talk about being vague and direct, simultaneously...
  • Ambiguous Red.....I like that name better.
  • Never thought a new color added to a phone would such intellectual and non intellectual comments lol Sent from my Nexus 7 2013 or Moto G
  • Welcome to the internet. ;)
  • you new to the internet? Usually it isn't like that around here, we are pretty decent altogether...
  • I'm not just joking around and ya I've been a member here for a couple months and I love it Sent from my Nexus 7 2013 or Moto G
  • Wow, after seeing the number of comments in this post, I thought I was gonna come in here and read about the red version making coffee for you. But unfortunately that's not the case. Sent from my Galaxy Note II
  • Yeah, red is the "case" Sent via the Android 5.0 MilkShake.