Delete all your games now: Medal of Honor is finally available on Quest 2

Medal Of Honor Above And Beyond Quest Screenshot
Medal Of Honor Above And Beyond Quest Screenshot (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is now available on Quest 2 for $40.
  • The game features a 10+ hour single-player campaign, 12 multiplayer maps with five gameplay modes, as well as a wave-based Survival mode.
  • The game requires 45GB of space, so you'll need to uninstall all games on a 64GB Quest 2 in order to install it.

Respawn Entertainment has done the impossible and crammed the massive Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond onto the Quest 2, and it's now available on the Oculus Store for $40. The 10+ hour single-player campaign is backed up by a dozen multiplayer maps, complete with five game modes, as well as a wave-based Survival mode.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond also includes The Gallery, an award-winning WW2 documentary series that features interviews and story retellings from actual WW2 vets.

At the end of September, we learned that the game will take up a whopping 45GB on Quest 2. While the Oculus Store shows the final release only takes up 41GB, that's still basically all of a 64GB Quest 2's storage capacity. The original PC release was a pretty lackluster experience that took up 170GB of drive space so this is at least a significant improvement, even if it still is rather large.

That means there's almost no way you'll be installing anything else on your 64GB Quest 2 so long as you've got Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond installed. Some folks have already posted reviews on the official Oculus Store page saying it won't install on a 64GB Quest 2, so be aware that you might run into issues. In short, that new cloud save system simply can't come soon enough.

Just remember that until the cloud save system is in place, any games you uninstall from your Quest 2 will also have their save files removed. If you've got games with progress that you absolutely cannot lose, you might want to wait a few weeks until Meta is able to get that cloud save system rolled out.

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