LG V10 manual video

You'll find that everyone has an opinion when we talk about which Android phone is the best. That's a good thing, because it means we have plenty of choices to consider when we're spending that money we work so hard to make. One thing that most people can agree with, though, is that the LG V10 has one of the best cameras on any mobile phone you can buy today.

You have the same great camera hardware LG used on the G4 — which is still the best bang for the buck when looking for a mobile with a great camera — combined with software features that take it over the top. It's not a DSLR, nor was it ever meant to replace one. But if you want the best camera experience you can get on any mobile phone (not just Android) the V10 is the first place you should look.

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And a big part of the reason why (and the biggest reason for many of us) are the manual controls for things like ISO, shutter and exposure. While we can find that on other phones, especially with third-party camera apps, only the V10 offers a full set of manual controls for video out of the box. All you need to do is learn how they work, then practice, practice practice. We can help with the first part.

But knowing how they all work is not going to make you a pro videographer with your V10. You'll need to do plenty of playing around to see what changes make things better, and what changes don't. Then you get to figure out how they all work together. It's easier to make a bad video using manual control over the settings than it is to make a great one. I know this first hand, and still throw out far more pictures and video than I keep.

Lynda.com (who are also a sponser of many of our podcasts) has a fabulous online video course about exposure theory. Use your 10-day trial to watch it. We also have several real pro photographers in our forums, and chances are they have answers to all the basic questions, too.

With the right tools — and LG has put those tools on the V10 — and a little knowledge you'll be shooting awesome video with the V10.