Control how you get the information you need in an emergency situation

Nobody likes to imagine an emergency that they are involved in, but I'll wager that most of us have had an Amber alert or weather alert come through on our Android, jarring us with that sound you can't ignore. Smartphones are an excellent way for the passing along of information about these emergency situations, because so many people have one in their pocket.

It's also important for us to have a look and manage just how we get the information we might need — before we might need it. Here's how that is done on Android Lollipop.

Not a lot has changed here in Lollipop. You have all the settings you would need to manage nestled in the device settings, under Wireless and networks. You can decide which alerts you might want to receive (there's no need for me to get tsunami alerts, but Andrew might want them) as well as control some general settings like reminders and vibration. You can even shut down most alerts (presidential alerts are mandatory on all carriers and devices in the US) if you'd rather not be bothered.

We just want to make sure you know they are there, and for you to have a look before you ever need them.

We've got more coming about Lollipop help, tips and tricks. Stay tuned!