Make a move to the Samsung Galaxy S10e and get it for just $10 a month

Samsung Galaxy S10e lying on a table
Samsung Galaxy S10e lying on a table (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

Thinking about switching to the Galaxy S10e but haven't done it yet? Now's your chance. The Samsung Galaxy S10e is down to a measly $10 a month at Sprint. This deal requires approved credit and a new line of service, which includes signing up for an 18-month commitment with Sprint's Flex Lease. Once you're approved and you've bought your new phone, you will get a $21.25 monthly credit applied to each bill.

This deal requires approved credit, a new line of service, and an 18-month lease with Sprint. But that's a small price to pay, and so is the cost for this phone! You'll get the savings in the form of a $21.25 monthly credit applied to each bill.

If you go for this deal, you can get the Galaxy S10e 128GB smartphone in three different colors: Blue, Black, and White. You can also upgrade to the 256GB version and still get it for $10 a month, but the only available color is Flamingo Pink. It's worth noting here that if you have an old phone to trade in, you can get the S10e for just $8.33 a month at Verizon. That deal requires a couple extra steps, most notably the trade in, but it's still a good price.

The Flex Lease is an 18-month commitment. After that time is up, you can return the phone and upgrade to a new model or buy the rest of the price of the phone. If you choose to buy out the phone instead of upgrading to whatever new phone is out at the time, you can either pay off the rest in one lump sum or choose a six-month payment plan. This deal also includes Sprint's Galaxy Forever feature, which means you can upgrade to the newest Samsung Galaxy smartphone anytime after 12 lease payments. Handy if Samsung comes out with something new.

Read our review of the Galaxy S10e here. We gave it 4 stars and a Recommended badge. Andrew Martonik said, "It is every bit a full-featured and fully capable Galaxy S10, simply shrunk down to a smaller size. You give up a few superfluous specs like a couple gigabytes of memory, ultra-high screen resolution and the telephoto camera, but otherwise retain everything that makes the Galaxy S10 so great."

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