Lowes introduces the second-gen Iris Smart Home Solution

Lowes, the home improvement retailer, has announced its second-generation Iris Smart Home Solution package, which brings big improvements over the first. This time around, Lowes has updated the software and released a new mobile app, and when paired with the new hardware it brings some new functionality, along with faster performance. The mobile app makes it easier to navigate, as users can control devices with just a tap now.

Redesigned from the ground up for a more personalized, intuitive consumer experience and support the faster onboarding of a larger product ecosystem, Iris now works with more than 75 devices. By implementing a mobile-first philosophy that focuses on simplicity, speed and customization, Lowe's has reinvigorated the smart home. The next generation Iris mobile app and hardware more seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds, giving users an intuitive interactive way to communicate with their home and make their lives easier.

You can buy the new Smart Home Solution as individual pieces, or as part of a kit. Starting at $22.99 for the contact sensor, the individual pieces can go as high as $59.99 each, which is the price of the hub itself. You can buy a smart plug for $34.99, motion sensor for $29.99, smart button or fob for $24.99 and finally the smart keypad for $39.99. As far as kits, Lowes is offering a Security Pack and a Home Automation Pack.

The Security pack includes two Iris contact sensors, a motion sensor and a smart keypad and is priced at $99. The Home Automation Pack includes two contact sensors, a motion sensor, a smart plug and a smart button for $129. The new kits from Iris are now available from their site.

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