Somebody call Stockholm. Google today released Translate for Animals on the Android Market, marking the groundbreaking app that finally lets us humans communicate with our two-, three- and four-legged brethren.

The revolutionary applications -- which is free, despite the centuries of development time -- translates the speech of cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, Guinea pigs, hamsters, tortoises, horses, chickens, sheep, donkeys and pigs. Support for snakes, goats, bison and wildebeests is expected in a future update, slated for sometime in the the second half of 2010.

You can download Google Translate for Animals here. [Market link] More pics after the break. [via Google UK]

Google Translate for AnimalsGoogle Translate for Animals





Thanks, @mintbridge, for making our night. And for the record, we don't do April Fools tricks here. Consider yourselves safe come morning.