A little perspective ...

Verizon this morning during its Q3 earnings call said it sold some 3.4 million Android smartphones, beating even the iPhone (3.1 million) for the quarter. We'll probably see that number shift a bit in the fourth quarter, given that the iPhone 5 didn't go on sale until Sept. 21 -- leaving only 10 days left in the quarter. So don't read too much into that.

But consider:

  • Android's still seeing more than 1.3 million activations a day. Verizon sold just 4 days' worth of global activations in three months. That's not a knock on Verizon -- it's a big, big world out there. Don't forget it.
  • Nokia managed to sell just 2.9 million Windows Phone Lumia whatevers in three months. That's globally. Ouch.
  • RIM "shipped" 7.4 million BlackBerry phones (that's different than "sold") and just 130,000 tablets. So, yeah.

It's a two-horse race, still. And it's a good one.

And don't forget that Google's Q3 earnings will be released this afternoon.

Phil Nickinson