Listen to the Avantree Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones on sale for $135

Avantree Anc Headphones
Avantree Anc Headphones

The Avantree Aria Me auto-optimized Bluetooth aptX noise-cancelling headphones are down to $134.99 on Amazon. Just use the code H8M7GYPS during checkout to take $15 off the price. These headphones do not drop from that $150 street price directly. The only way to ever find them on sale is through coupon codes like this one, and if you haven't seen a code before now is your chance to take advantage of one of the best prices we've seen.

Comes with detachable boom mic and a charging stand. Use the app and personalize the sound and calibrate the headphones to your ears. Great for people with hearing impairments. Includes aptX codec for high-resolution audio. Foldable and portable.

These headphones are designed specifically so you can personalize the audio experience. That should appeal to anyone who wants a customized, finely-tuned experience. It's especially important if you happen to be someone who suffers from hearing impairment because you can make the audio perfect for your own situation. The headphones do this by giving you a free audio app that lets you set your own hearing profile.

They are Bluetooth as well, which means you don't need any pesky wires. Plus they have the aptX-HD codec, which means you can transmit high-resolution audio with little interuptions or interference. It will sound just as good as wired headphones and can even reproduce original studio master recordings.

If you're using these headphones in a busy environment like you're trying to watch TV with a bunch of kids running around or you want to listen to music while you use public transit to get to work, have no fear about that either. The active noise-cancelling technology will eliminate distracting background noise and let you hear only what you want to hear.

The headphones come with a detachable boom microphone that you can use to make or receive phone calls. You can also press a button and talk to your voice assistant like Siri or Google Assistant and get easy answers to your questions.

The rechargeable battery should last you up to 24 hours, and the headphones come with a stand that acts as a charger.

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