Light up your home with two new collections from Philips Hue

Philips announced the new Signe and Play collections, which add indirect lighting to your entertainment space. The Signe Collection will feature a table light around 24 inches tall and a floor light around 59 inches tall. Both are designed to be pointed at a wall to give off indirect, ambient light that reaches up to the ceiling. They will have the full range of Philips' White and Color Ambiance, similar to current starter kits, so you can choose between one of 16 million colors. The lights are only capable of one color at a time, but with multiple devices you can mix and match.

The Play Collection features a nine-inch bar that lays horizontally or vertically and creates light in a very similar way to Signe. These bars come with a base kit that you can plug the Play into, which helps reduce the electrical outlets you need according to Philips Hue.

Philips Hue has gotten into bias lighting in the past with light strips that can also be connected to your smart home, and both of these collections are designed so they can provide that same element for a TV when placed nearby. They can also be added to your smart home setup and be controlled using your voice with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. Philips Hue also has a redesigned app you'll be able to use to control the new lights from your smartphone.

All of these lights will be available for pre-order in September and fully released in October. The Play single base kit will retail for $69.99, and the double base kit with two fixtures will go for $129.99. The Signe Table Light will set you back $159.99, and the Floor Light will cost $249.99. Of course, we're pretty confident we'll be able to find them on sale eventually so you should probably just follow us on Twitter and wait for the discounts to roll in.

John Levite
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