The LG Velvet will have a Dual Screen accessory and support pen input, much like the LG V60

LG Velvet
LG Velvet (Image credit: LG)

What you need to know

  • LG's upcoming Velvet will match the V60 in a couple of features, at least.
  • According to two new reports, the phone will also have a Dual Screen accessory and support pen input, just like the V60.
  • The Dual Screen attachment may not be included in the phone's base price, however.

While LG may be touting the Velvet as a departure from its past, with an all-new design language and a new naming scheme, it's carrying forward two of the most exciting features from its V series to the new phone.

As MySmartPrice reports, a filing with the Korean authorities reveals that the Velvet will also support a Dual Screen accessory, much like the V60. ETNews, meanwhile, is saying that the phone will also support pen input, which we were pleasantly surprised by on the V60.

LG Velvet Certification

Source: NRAA Korea (Image credit: Source: NRAA Korea)

The filing with the Korean National Radio Research Agency (shown above) indicates the company is passing a 'portable screen cover' through regulatory processes. What links it to the Velvet is the model number: LM-G905N. The Velvet's model number is supposedly LG-G900N, so it would make sense if the accessory were made for the Velvet.

The ETNews report further corroborates this by referring to a "dedicated dual screen" and adds that both the screen and the phone will have active pen input by way of Wacom's Active Electrostatic (AES) technology. This also means that any generic Wacom stylus should work on the screen, just like how pen input works on the V60 and its Dual Screen attachment.

Unlike the V60, though, given the Velvet's relatively more modest, midrange credentials, the additional display may not ship with the device itself and will likely require a separate purchase.

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