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AT&T has announced that the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) update will hit the LG Nitro HD (see our review) on Tuesday, July 31st. A leaked version of the update was spotted in May and now it's been officially confirmed.

The update will also bring LG's new Optimus 3.0 UI, which adds features such as the ability to swipe anywhere on the lock screen to unlock the phone.

With the ICS update, you should see, among other features, a redesigned Gallery app and photo editor, enhanced multitasking capabilities, an updated home screen folder and favorites tray and Face Unlock.

So if you're a LG Nitro HD owner on AT&T, get ready for the much anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich update. To update your phone, you'll have to visit LG's Nitro HD update site and follow their instructions. Make sure you back-up your data before updating. Full press release is after the break.

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Source: AT&T

Ice Cream Sandwich Update Available for LG Nitro HD Customers Beginning July 31

Beginning next Tuesday, AT&T customers who have an LG Nitro™ HD will be able to update their phone to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and will also have access to LG’s new Optimus 3.0 UI.

Optimus 3.0 is LG’s new user interface that lets Nitro HD customers unlock the phone by swiping  anywhere on the screen, allowing for additional display customization such as using your own photos as icons and shortcut images, and the addition of a “Download” category in the menu for easier organization.

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) simplifies common actions and includes a new typeface optimized for high-resolution screens to improve readability.

Customers can download the update by visiting from a personal computer and following the instructions on the site.

The most noticeable changes LG Nitro HD customers will see with this update are:

  • New lock screen actions let you conveniently jump directly to a specific application without unlocking the homescreen.
  • The redesigned Gallery App & Photo Editor makes it easier to manage, show, and share photos and videos than ever before.
  • An updated home screen folder and favorites tray that lets you group your apps and shortcuts logically by simply dragging one onto another.
  • Enhanced multitasking capabilities let you instantly navigate from one task to another by leveraging a list in the System Bar that includes thumbnail images of all recently used apps.  Just tap the thumbnail to resume using that app.
  • Improved text input with an updated keyboard that supports faster text input and more accurate entries with better error correction and word suggestions.
  • An app that helps you easily monitor your data usage.
  • Face Unlock, a new screen-lock option that intelligently unlocks your device using facial recognition software.

Additionally, in the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out updates to the HTC One X and HTC Inspire that enhance performance and in the case of the Inspire, add AT&T Address Book, HTC Sense 3.0 and Task Manager.

We’ve got more ICS updates coming, so stay tuned for the latest!

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