Third out of the gate with an LG G6 announcement is AT&T, which is going about things a bit differently than T-Mobile and Verizon. The company has announced that LG's next flagship will indeed be available April 7 — the same day as T-Mobile, and a week later than Big Red — but it will be sold primarily through its Next or Next Every Year programs.

Customers will be able to buy the phone for 30 instalments of $24 — $720 total — through AT&T Next, or 24 instalments of $30 through AT&T Next Every Year.

Verizon is offering the Pixel 4a for just $10/mo on new Unlimited lines

There are also a few good deals to go along with the purchase: AT&T is throwing in what amounts to a free G6 after credits when one signs up for a second line on AT&T Next. And along with the free Google Home (which all other carriers are giving away, too), customers can get an LG Watch Sport for $50 on a 2-year plan.

The deals are not exactly groundbreaking, and probably not as competitive as Verizon's, but they're good to have nonetheless.

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