The LG G5 is new on the block, which means that it's time to pit against some of the best phones currently available. This go around we'll be taking a look at how the LG G5 compares up against the likes of the Nexus 6P. They both have their own strengths, so if you've been curious to see how the G5 holds up be sure to keep reading.


When it comes to design, these are very different phones that both feel great in your hand. While both phones are well designed, they don't really follow the same guidelines.

LG G5 Nexus 6P
Operating system Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Display 5.3-inch IPS quad-HD quantum display (2560x1440, 554 dpi) 5.7 inches QHD (1440x2560) AMOLED at 518 ppi
Processor Snapdragon 820 Snapdragon 810
Storage 32GB 32 64 or 128GB
Front camera 8MP 8MP
Rear camera 16MP, 8MP wide-angle (135 degrees) 12.3MP
Battery 2800 mAh 3450 mAh
Dimensions 149.4 x 73.9 x 7.7mm 159.3 x 77.8 x 7.3mm
Weight 159 grams 178 grams

The G5 is the smaller of the two phones in both height and width, clocking in at 149.4mm tall and 73.9mm wide. The Nexus 6P is significantly larger in both dimensions, with a 159.3mm and 77.8mm wide. When it comes to how bulky the phone is in your hand, the Nexus 6P is the thinner of the two with a 7.3mm thickness. The G5 isn't much thicker though, at 7.7mm.

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The Nexus 6P fits well in your hand, but it can feel slippery. That means it might not be the best fit for you, especially if you have trouble with dropping phones. The G5 in comparison is an easier fit in your hand and has a smooth back, without being slippery. While both of these phones are made out of metal, they give you a drastically different feel in your hand.


When pitting the LG G5 and the Nexus 6P against one another, taking a few minutes to talk about the camera is definitely mandatory. That's because both of these phones have a camera that delivers fantastic images with a minimum of fuss. Nexus phones haven't been known for their top of the line camera's, while LG has put emphasis on their camera design for years.

LG G5 daylight Nexus 6P daylight

LG G5 (left) / Nexus 6P (right); click images to view larger

Note​: The LG G5 has a natural aspect ratio of 16:9, whereas the Nexus 6P shoots at 4:3. All photos are unaltered from their original states.

LG G5 natural light indoors Nexus 6P natural light indoors

LG G5 low light Nexus 6P low light

LG G5 macro Nexus 6P macro

While both phones have an 8MP front camera, the rear camera is where they divert. The Nexus 6P has a 12.3MP rear camera that delivers fantastic photos. It doesn't matter whether you're outside in the sun, or in a dim room, you'll get great results. The LG G5 takes things a step further though. You get two rear cameras, the main 16MP camera, along with an 8MP wide-angle lens. It gives you a ton of control over your photos, should you choose you delve into the options available to you.

While the Nexus 6P delivers fantastic photos, the LG G5 simply gives you more access to the features of a camera. These include being able to tweak the ISO, as well as including filters that you can use on your photos. That being said, both of these cameras perform admirably under a variety of conditions, and if you primarily use your camera in auto, neither will do you wrong.


Both of these phones are running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but the experience you'll get from them isn't quite the same. Not by a long shot. The Nexus 6P has the Marshmallow you may know and love from the 5X or the 6, while the G5 suffers from an excess of bloatware when you first boot it up.

The Nexus 6P is quick and snappy, without stutter as you swipe between apps. As you might have guessed, the 6P gets the latest security patches available from Google, and will continue to do so for the lifecycle of this phone. So whether you like a wickedly fast phone, or a phone that stays secure, the 6P has you covered.

LG made some serious changes to their software this go around. That includes doing away with the app drawer is one of the big changes, and plenty of people are unhappy about it. They've also added a friends manager app, which it seems is being more or less ignored by most users. That's because the LG friends manager is there to maker it easier to connect to your LG accessories like LG 360 CAM. Quick settings are still problematically large which can easily become frustrating. You'll also find a slew of bloatware apps added by the carrier, on top of LG's customization.

Which one should I buy?

These phones are fairly well matched in a number of ways. Making this decision honestly comes down to the decision between having a snappy phone with great software, or access to all of the features in a camera. If software and security are your concerns, then the Nexus 6P is the obvious choice. If you spend a lot of time using your phone as a camera and want access to a wider variety of settings, then the LG G5 is going to be the better choice. To be honest, the Nexus 6P is the better phone, the G5 just pulls forward as a contender because of the versatility of it's camera.

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