LG G3 Quick Circle Case

Form meets function with this must-have case for the LG G3

A phone that stands out as much as the LG G3 — buttons on the back! — is worthy of a case that also catches the eye. And that's just what you get with the LG G3 Circle Case.

We're actually going to take a look at two cases here. There's a folio case, which you're more likely to see here in the United States. It fits atop the back of the G3, without removing the battery cover. And then there's the wireless charging Quick Circle case, which works the same way but replaces the stock back cover and adds, well, wireless charging.

And we'll also talk puppies. Specifically, popping puppies.

The LG G3 Quick Circle Folio case

So here's the deal. As has been the trend the past few years, the Quick Circle Case protects your phone with a plastic back shell, as well as covers the screen with a folio cover. The trendy part comes with exposing part of the display so that you can get some information as well as continue to interact with the phone, even with the cover closed. While that's been a popular design (Samsung uses the same sort of thing with its S View Flip Case, and HTC sort of did the same — only way cooler — with the Dot View case), it's been hit and miss. Plastic windows tend to get gunked up pretty easily. But LG's made its cutout a true cutout — you're seeing and touching the display directly.

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The circle is 2 inches in diameter, giving you (pauses to do some fifth-grade math) about 3.14 square inches of real estate. That leaves room for a sizable analog clock face that feeds you the day and date, as well as notifications. You swipe that clock face to get to any Quick Circle-friendly application shortcuts, such as the camera, LG Health's fitness app, Puppy Pop (if it's installed), and the settings. You can have up to six apps installed at one time for Quick Circle functionality — you manage them in the system settings. The Quick Circle settings also lets you choose from one of nine clock faces — each of which looks better than anything we've seen in Android Wear thus far.

One other nice piece of functionality: You can still double-tap the display through the hole to wake the phone. Or use the power button like a peasant. Your call.

The case itself is pretty straightforward. The folio version snaps onto the phone — and it snaps on pretty darn tightly. This isn't a case you're going to want to be taking on and off with any frequency. The shell is a sturdy plastic, with that sort of ridged texture that makes a cool song when you scratch it. (And we've spent way too much time doing it.) The hinge is excellent, allowing the front cover to rest against the back of the phone (when opened) without springing back against your hand and making it hard to type. The shell adds just a little bit of size to the phone, including on the front, where it wraps around the body. But it still retains the overall shape and feel of the phone.

The Qi charging Quick Circle Case

The Qi wireless charging version is nearly identical, only it replaces the back cover and keeps things a little more svelte. Here are a handful of pics of it as well. It's so far proven to be more difficult to get in the U.S., though.

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