LG has been busy making folks aware of their new QuickMemo feature for the past little while with the first U.S. device getting it being the LG Viper 4G LTE. Now, they're rolling out what is a maintenance release upgrade for the Optimus L7, L5 and L3 that will add it to those devices as well.

To accompany the release, LG will also be running a new commercial to highlight the feature. In case you're unaware of QuickMemo, it allows folks write using their fingers on captured screen images that can then be shared with others via text, chat, or email.

The video above gives off a good demo of it in action, although it starts off rather annoyingly. LG has noted they'll be rolling out the update globally come the end of Q3. If you're looking for the full press release, you'll find it below.

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New Feature Makes Instantly Capturing the Screen and Jotting Personalized Handwritten Notes

SEOUL, Aug. 7, 2012 – LG Mobile Communications today announced the availability of its highly sought-after QuickMemo feature for its entire line of Optimus L-Series smartphones through a maintenance release upgrade. Currently, the upgrade is being offered in certain regions but will be available globally by the end of 3rd quarter.
LG‟s QuickMemo feature allows for instant screen capture of any type of content such as web pages, graphical images, photos and videos. Users can write, draw, or jot a memo directly on the captured screen with their finger. QuickMemo notes can then be shared with others via text, chat, or email. Once users download the upgrade, they will be able to invoke QuickMemo by pressing the volume keys or via the notification bar.

“The QuickMemo is one of the representing features for LG‟s UX(user experience) to enhance the quality of communication by sharing ideas with more personalization.” said Paul Bae, Vice President of marketing center of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company.

A global TV commercial with the theme of "Connect to What‟s Real‟ will accompany the roll-out of QuickMemo on Optimus L-Series smartphones. The QuickMemo upgrade will be available for download through LG Mobile‟s homepage or by visiting a service center in markets where Optimus L-Series are sold.
Global Web Site www.lg.com

The Optimus L-Series of smartphones includes the Optimus L7, L5, and L3 which offer timeless style without sacrificing any features or functionality in black or white body. LG will also introduce stylish pink color edition of the series.