Levi's Commuter Jacket is the first piece of clothing to use Google's Project Jacquard

Google has announced the first Project Jacquard item to come to life which is made in collaboration with Levi's. The Levi's Commuter Jacket will let bikers navigate their smartphones by simply using their sleeve as a touch sensor. It works by attaching a sensor to the jacket which will allow the smartphone app to communicate with the phone.

Project Jacquard Jacket

The sensor is flexible, allowing it to connect to any size jacket and remain comfortable. Durability is a key feature, as you don't have to treat this jacket any different. You can pop it in the wash, use it the way you would any other jacket, and benefit from its smarter features.

You'll be able to control various apps right from the jacket. Some of them include Google Maps, Google Play, access your calls and messages, and other third-party apps as well. Developers will be able to build custom apps directly for Project Jacquard as well.

The jacket will become available in spring 2017, with a beta opening up in fall 2016.

Jared DiPane
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