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Leaked Samsung Galaxy S20 wallpapers available for download

What you need to know

  • The Samsung Galaxy S20 wallpapers have leaked online.
  • You can download them in full resolution and apply them to your current devices.
  • They may hint at the color choices of the S20.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is out in a few weeks, but you can give your older flagship a taste of the upcoming one with the latest wallpaper leaks. XDA Developers has managed to extract and export the built-in wallpapers of the Galaxy S20 to the public.

As these are simply images and not live wallpapers or similar like with last year's Pixel 4 release, you can just download them and apply them to your phone as you would any other.

As per XDA, here are four of the eight leaked wallpapers showing off all the color choices:

Aside from providing you with fancy new wallpapers, the images do hint at Samsung's color choices for the S20. There are four colors, possibly telling us the four S20 launch colors. Black and white are an expected standard, with Samsung likely ditching last year's Prism Green for a more pink or purple sheen.

You can grab the full resolution wallpapers from this link and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • So my question is why are these wallpapers 20 seconds long when the longest you can have a wallpaper is 15 seconds?
  • So, no yellow? meh.
  • How to set live wallpaper on home screen in Note 10 pro
  • hold down anywhere on the home screen until the wallpaper screen pops up.
    click on wallpaper>click on gallery>click on videos located on the top left.
    then find this video. The video is 20 seconds long. it will ask you to shorten it to
    15 seconds. Just agree and then set as lock screen.
  • Lock screen I can set...but I wanna set for home screen