Leaked docs show WiFi-only Xoom at $599, coming March 27

It looks like the Motorola Xoom is joining the HTC Thunderbolt in the "leaked docs from big box stores" department, as Droid Life got some goods from a Staples insider showing the long awaited WiFi-only model coming March 27, at a price point of $599.98.  That works out to the same price point as the 32 GB WiFi model of the iPad 2, and should quiet the folks crying for a carrier free, WiFi-only model (like yours truly). 

While we've learned that leaked sales ads and internal inventory screens don't guarantee anything, they are a good indicator that we're close.  This should certainly help boost sales, and more importantly, developers who were waiting for the WiFi-only model can get to cracking.  The inventory screen is after the break.  [Droid-Life via Android Central forums] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  • Thats 100 bucks too much
  • How?
  • Well if you take a reasonable price for this device (500 in this case) and then increase it by 100 you end up with a device that is being sold at 100 dollars more than what's reasonable.
  • The problem is not the price. Its the specs. They need to make a shitty version like the ipad so they can match prices. This model is worth $599.
  • How is the iPad2 shitty in comparison? Granted the Xoom edges it out in a few spec departments but by no means would I call the iPad 2 shitty, even if I despise Apple. I just hope the Xoom fails, epicly... I wanted an Android tablet until I started seeing how these things are priced, why would anyone buy a tablet over an portable laptop at this price point is beyond me.
  • I think he meant they need to make a low-end model like Apple does with the iPad, i.e. a 16GB wifi-only model. Apple charges $499 for that, and so while people like you and I would probably balk at so little storage, it lets Apple say "What's up with those pricey Android tablets, we've got one for under $500."
  • Thank-you. That is what I was saying.
  • Because people looking for a tablet are not looking into laptops...a concept some people don't seem to grasp.
  • Who are you to decide what is reasonable for a device you did not build? The fact is the specs on this particular product are greater than the specs for the unit that you are using for a base Comparison, thus Motorola has every right to charge a higher price. Quit whining and get a first Gen iPad for 200 less, if price is THAT that serious to you.
  • "Who are you to decide what is reasonable"? He is a f-ing consumer! In a free market demand dictates price to a huge extent. If you don't think there is a large mark up on these products, you are being naive. They have plenty of wiggle room on price to still make profit. Manufacturers have to be willing to make less per device and sell more devices in order to raise profits.
  • Okay price, but I'm still gonna wait for the Samsung and Asus wifi tablets.
  • Sold.
  • Its an equal price to the Ipad 2 with the same onboard memory. I hear mixed things about Honeycomb, but mostly things like "Its too complicated". Anyone who thinks using and android phone or tablet is a complicated process is unbelievable to me. Its so simple, just takes an hour or so to realize that its not an IOS product, and there are minimal user interface differences.
  • >Its an equal price to the Ipad 2 with the same onboard memory No, it is the same onboard *storage*, not memory. The Xoom has TWICE as much memory as the Ipad2 and FOUR TIMES as much as the Ipad1.
  • That's a test to see if they are simple people *cough* isheep *cough*
  • I'm wondering how the calamity in Japan is going to effect the manufacture of these tablets. The earthquake must have been felt in parts of China, maybe enough to knock the equipment that makes circuits out of alignment, delaying crucial parts for the devices we want. Granted not getting my tablet is a nothing compared to the people who can't find clean water or food tonight, and even less to the people who will never want for anything again.
  • $499.99 honeycomb tablets or I buy a iPad 2. Point blank MOTO.
  • they do not get it, android do not need to match apple prices, they need to beat it.
  • why? This is America, afterall. Don't they have a right to charge for better features and hardware? If your issue is about an entry level Xoom comparable to the ipad, then say so. Dont complain about the price if their current offering compares with competition.
  • look we all know that android is by far the better os than ios but, the average people do not know that, and when they see that android is at the same price as the ipad they will take the ipad, because that is what they know, so if Motorola, lg, Samsung and htc want to sell they going to have to beat apple in prices, in the mean time until people get to know that honeycomb is a much better option than that of the ipad, and yes here in america we tend to choose prices over quality, especially if we already know the product.
  • Actually, he was addressing the lack of an entry level competitor rather than a spec competitor. That's the whole basis for everyone's complaints. Only forum geeks know or care about the Xoom's value proposition over a comparably priced iPad. When vendors want to promote a product line, they use ad copy with phrases like, "as low as" or "starting at", because they need an anchor price to catch consumers' attention. Once you have their attention, it's usually easy to upsell them on higher specced models based on the "beat the Joneses" mentality. But in this case, people can either go with the Acme of tablets for $500, knowing that their choice was at least the popular one, if nothing else; or they can exert themselves with the due diligence necessary to justify going with a less popular, more expensive option. I understand where that extra money's going, because I'm a dork, but it's unrealistic to launch a new product line with expectation that regular consumers will risk the extra dollars on an unproven brand.
  • Right on the money. In short, until Android can reach the same status as iOS in the eyes of the AVERAGE consumer, device manufacturers need to provide more affordable versions of their products to help establish brand recognition.
  • Japan is many hundrens of miles away from China at their nearest points.
  • Exactly and right now, the iPad 2 is a better buy since the xoom was rushed out. I like how HTC waits for Samsung , dell, and MOTO to screw up... watch the flier be a win.
  • holy crap thats expensive. smart pricing strategy moto...
  • I'm going to need something come thru sitting at a nice $499 price point... This isnt a bad price but my iPad 2 was still $100 less and I have no intentions on ever spending more than that on a tablet.
  • I agree it is $100 too expensive. If they want market share they have too really convince people that the new kid on the block is better.
  • Lowering the price would say "cheaper" not "better"...
  • no, it would say better valued.
  • Jeez, with the crying going on in these forums, you'd think no one ever bought the higher end iPad models. That is unless Android users are the true cry babies. You are the same bunch of people that cried over the fact that the Epic 4G was 50 bucks too expensive. People, if device makers put hardware in their products that supercede market trends, they have a right to price higher. Its almost as if you guys feel a certain entitlement to these prices.
  • why don't you tell the evo owners that? my friend that was the reason why the evo sold more.
  • When the iPhone first came out with a 600 dollar price tag, hundreds of thousands of people had therir money in their hand, even though it was priced well above current market prices for smart phones and their were features (mms) that was absent that other phones were capable of. Why? Because they understood that the iPhone was a next generation, game changing device. The only complaints were when Apple lowered the price by 200 bucks 2 months after its release.. and people had a right to complain.
  • Every company has the right to price products in ways that make no business sense, but the market is an unforgiving mistress. Clearly, the Xoom brand isn't priced to compete with the iPad, which will probably result in fewer sales, which will probably result in less incentive for developers to support Honeycomb, which will result in an tablet-optimized app shortfall that will offer even less reason for consumers to adopt the platform. So go ahead an play the entitlement card all you want, but your supply side rhetoric won't jump start the Xoom's already lukewarm sales.
  • The Zoom was never meant to take down the iPad. I see the Xoom as an early developers model. A preview to the upcoming Honeycomb onslaught. Apple will rule the tablet market for now and I am fine with that. I think no one would call the G1 an iphone killer at launch. But look what happened 2 years later.
  • 2 years later, still hasn't "killed" the iPhone.
  • No, but in that short time, there are now more shipping Android phones than iPhones. That is an amazing accomplishment.
  • shipping != to selling
  • At this juncture, Android tablets can go in two directions: that of the Droid, and that of the Zune. However great the Zune is a portable music play, the prevailing perception is that it's a poor man's iPod. In all honesty, I do believe that there will be a Droid of tablets sooner or later, but the example set by the Xoom is not encouraging. At this rate we're looking at another two years before the array of Android tablets on the market will be competitive in the public consciousness.
  • Evo was $200. A good price.
    Galaxy epic was $250, turned a lot of people off.
  • I just want to know if the microSD card slot will work by the 27th.
  • Is this coming out for AT&T? Id like to get it on Verizon but their data plans are out right embarrassing.
  • If it's a wifi-only, it won't be released on either/any carrier since you don't have to have a contract with it.
  • ahh yes my birthday is the 27th, I'm going to treat myself to the best birthday present ever :D
  • Wonder if the wifi only will only be available in silver like picture above shows? I hope not, i may add a Xoom to the household along with our 2 rooted NC's.
  • Released on a Sunday? Here is to hoping...
  • I am really waiting to see what HTC brings out. They are claiming 3 tablet pcs by year end .
  • So now a 600 bucks is too much ???
    When the Galaxy Tap was priced at 600 $ no one complained !
    But because its a Motorola everyone is saying its too expensive , even though it way better then it
    I don't understand u people !
  • Actually, that is not true. A lot of people complained. At least now it is a real tablet and not an overgrown phone without being a phone...
  • Finally !!!
    I'm glad to see that some one agrees that the Galaxy Tap was an overpriced oversized phone (& not a good one either)
  • This price is a rip-off. And I did complain when at the Galaxy Tab's price. The one thing Apple got right WAS and IS their pricing. And maybe before the iPad 2 was announced the Xoom could charge for better hardware, but it doesn't anymore. Benchmarks now show the Apple A5 chip to be SIGNIFICANTLY faster than the Xoom's Tegra 2. Until the next high-end tablet is released, we are beaten.
  • The A5 CPU is not "faster" than the Tegra 2 CPU. But their GPU SEEMS to be.
    Of course it is rather early in testing (ipad2 isn't even out yet), and many speculate that OpenGL is not optimized for the Zoom yet. They also did not adjust for resolution difference. Plus it is only a single benchmark. And everywhere you read, they are all pointing to the same SINGLE flawed test (AnandTech, "trounce"). Xoom faster web browsing: http://gadgetu.net/motorola-xoom-vs-ipad-2-browser-benchmarks/ Otherwise, in CONCRETE comparisons Xoom has: Twice the RAM
    Larger screen
    Wide aspect ratio
    Higher res screen
    Higher res cameras
    Standard USB port (no proprietary cable)
    Standard HDMI out port (no adapter needed)
    More sensors
    Micro SD
    Unlockable without hacks I would say that is quite a collection of advantages over the identically-priced 32GB Ipad2. Would I prefer it be priced under the ipad2? Of course! But complaining the Xoom is a "rip-off" is just ignorant.
  • The price is not a rip off if you look at the specs. The problem is Moto should have also introduced an entry model at or below $499. That would havr been smart. The problem is greed. I'm also looking at you Verizon.
  • and other than you being an ass to be an ass I'm sure...what does VZW have anything to do with this post or the Xoom model in question?
  • Come on guys. Have you seen iOS? They don't have widgets! How am I going to know the weather every second? Also, I need a big clock to stair at on the home screen because my eyesight is bad. I love having extra strokes to get to actual useful apps. All the apps in the app store are fart apps! That is so worth the extra $100! Oh wait, the comparable model is the same price so what are you complaining about???
  • I am sold on the 599 32gb wifi but I guess a lot of people would love to see a 499 16gb wifi model
  • Agreed on both.
  • First gen. I think imma pass till next year
  • Well, the beauty of the system is that, if it's "too expensive," demand will be low, naturally bringing the price down until there's balance between offer and demand...
  • Hey Androidcentral, why not post the benchmarks of the Xoom getting smoked by ipad 2 and it barely beating the original ipad!
  • smoked???? please define smoked? like a brush fire smoked or like a sunday afternoon tailgate smoke or like a cigarette butt smoke? u sir are truly a goon (hence your name), apparently most of the people with the senseless and baseless remarks in here are goons as well. Is it hard to compare A to A, and so on. Why compare the price of a 32gb wifi xoom to a 16gb wifi ipad/2 and say that the xoom is overpriced or a ripoff??? I mean this forum is most adults or those on the brink of being adults, you would expect more meaningful comments in general. Simple strokes for simple folks = ianything. Those who dare to challenge the norm and look outside the box = AOSP!!! Can't wait for either a wifi xoom or wifi g-slate, maybe even that toshiba tab once the specs are official. Oddly enough i know alot of ifollowers finally realizing the shift in power and selling their iproducts at below basement prices... who would of thought such a thing?
  • I love the passion. If only we had more people like this fighting hunger.
  • Yes, smoked, apparently: http://www.anandtech.com/show/4216/apple-ipad-2-gpu-performance-explored... To be fair, the Xoom uses slightly higher resolution, but that doesn't make that much of a difference. Also, if the iPad was $599, which is exactly the price for a 32GB iPad 2, and so was the Xoom, iPad still wins. It's got a much stronger market for everything from apps to accessories, not to mention Apple's superb customer service. Exactly what reason is there to buy a Xoom, then? Flash? Because it's "not Apple"? There is just very little justification, even at the same price point, to buy anything but an iPad 2. Motorola is seriously kidding themselves. Then there is the whole p*ssing off they did over the release, where you couldn't get a wi-fi only version, but had to get a 1 month deal with Verizon to get one, and at full price? Come on... This is just a circus. I've been rooting on Android for some time. Seriously, I really want them to be a big-time competitor, but this is not how to compete. I've been pretty happy with my iPod Touch 3rd Gen, and I'll probably be waiting for the iPhone 5 on Verizon with LTE, and getting an iPad 2 to boot. Sorry, Google. Sorry Motorola. You just made a mess of things, and now my money is being spent elsewhere. Maybe something will happen to change my mind? We'll see between now and then.
  • Thanks, these guys will never post it. If it was an Apple bashing one, they would be the first ones.
  • You are grossly distorting what is not yet even "known". There was *one* brief graphics benchmark done ONCE, by ONE site (anandtech), not even adjusted for resolution, and it has been re-quoted over and over again. This is hardly objective, verifiable, concrete data to make any conclusions. And it certainly says nothing about any other aspects of real-world performance. It might very well be that the GPU performance in the ipad 2 wins, but until we see a battery of DIFFERENT and REPEATABLE performance tests from various sources, it is nothing but conjecture.
  • Keep sticking your head in the sand, the funny thing is if it had been the Xoom winning, you fandroids here would be having a party, bunch of hypocrites.
  • All of the tablets aren't must have devices. People must have phones and computers. A $500+ tablet is a luxury device. The reason Apple is selling tons of these is because they have a devoted base of clients who already pay more for their products. I simply can't justify spending more than $300 on a device that does what my phone and computer already do. Are tablets cool? Yes, but they're not cool enough. The iPad's competitors should try to beat the price, not the specs. It's a losing battle trying to compete with the Apple brand at the same price.
  • Exactly
  • Agreed. That's what people are missing: this isn't necessarily a "spec war" because what they're fighting isn't just "specs". They're fighting against the machine that is Apple. You're not going to beat them with specs because all of their friends have iPads and trumpet how wonderful it is. You go into stores and they use iPads as display items, search tools, etc. They walk around dealerships and hospitals with iPads. They're in our schools. You fight that with introducing something that's $100 more expensive and tout "it has better specs"?
  • Except that it only has "better specs" than the iPad, not iPad 2. Independent tests have confirmed that the new iPad 2 has better processing power by a wide margin than Tegra 2. It loses on every ground: Less processing, fewer accessories, fewer apps, even fewer quality apps, market hype, public awareness, and even on price. Looks like an iPad 2 might be in my future, I'm sorry to say. I've been hoping for Google to truly compete with Apple's products, but since there are so many players with different agendas, and some of them aren't living up to their end of the bargain (Samsung), the Android market of devices has become nothing short of a soap opera mess. If Adobe ever gets Flash on Apples iDevices, it's game over.
  • Apple will never allow flash on their products because the source is proprietary. HTML 5 is open. Oh the irony. I just checked out some of these "tests" and there is no wide margin at all. The xoom actually wins in browser speed. It also has twice the ram and, oh btw,those cameras everyone has been waiting for on the ipad2 are wvga on the front and .92mp on the rear! Not even 1.3!!!! Better specs?!?!? You must have been joking.
  • That's not why. Yes, that's one of the many reasons Steve Jobs states, but the main reason is that "We know from painful experience that letting a third party layer of software come between the platform and the developer ultimately results in sub-standard apps and hinders the enhancement and progress of the platform. If developers grow dependent on third party development libraries and tools, they can only take advantage of platform enhancements if and when the third party chooses to adopt the new features. We cannot be at the mercy of a third party deciding if and when they will make our enhancements available to our developers." That makes quite a bit of sense. Also, the supposed "win" in browser speed was negligible, however the graphics processing, despite the Xoom having nVidia muscle behind it, is significant. 44 fps vs 11.8? I'd say that's more than just a wide margin. Let's get into battery performance, the Xoom's apparently crappy screen... Let's get serious. This isn't even as big of a deal than the Google Market's complete dearth of high quality apps. There are some great apps there, but there are far more great apps for iPad, and even some very innovative ones that aren't available at all for Android. A platform is about the complete experience, and that's where Android falls flat. When you go to an iOS site, they go on and on about this app, that app, etc. Android sites go on and on about rooting, ROMs, etc. because, frankly, there's not much to write home about as far as the apps are concerned. All the innovation is over at Apple's iDevices.
  • You are WRONG. There was *one* and only *one* benchark performed by *one* site on *one* aspect of performance- graphics, This is not "tests" it is "test" and it only measured ONE thing, and that is not even verifiable. On almost all aspects of CONCRETE comparison, the Xoom has better "specs". And yet you keep using this ONE anandtech "finding" as the basis for several of your posts already. You best be careful putting all your eggs into a single basket....
  • Xoom has better specs only in the deluded mind of fanboys like yourself, it also has better in speaks in terms of a sh!t scream with crappy viewing angles.
  • Read what you just wrote, and then look in the mirror.
  • Rooted $200 B&N Nook Color FTW.
  • In the world of consumer electronics, $500 is still an impulse buy, especially for an Apple product. Most people who can't afford MacBooks, but aspire to get one eventually, will drop $500 without much reservation. While you might not be willing to spend money on a device whose functionality is covered by your laptop, I think you overstimate many people's desire to use laptops. A few months ago I attended a HubCamp where the woman sitting next to me kept asking me why she couldn't author hubpages on iPad she had sitting in front of her. I explained that the capsules that HubPages uses don't work on an iPad--she'd could write her article in plain text on the iPad, but she'd eventually have to transfer it to a real computer when she would actually post it to HubPages. When I saw her frustration as I explained this, it became obvious that the iPad was her computer--her only computer. It wasn't a "luxury" device; it was the only computing platform that didn't intimidate her. Since then I've talked to many people with iPads, especially older users, who have computers, and the common theme emerges that they just don't want to use computers with desktop operating systems. To them, desktop and laptops are workstations for carrying out chores. iPads are just devices for handling web browsing, email and Facebook at a leisurely pace. For the average consumer to even look at an unestablished brand like the Xoom, the need for an under $500 model is absolute. Otherwise the Xoom will become the Zune of tablets.
  • "The reason Apple is selling tons of these is because they have a devoted base of clients who already pay more for their products." That's just not true. My father-in-law, for example, has an iPad but doesn't own a computer or any iPods, or the iPhone. My lawyer, doesn't own any Apple products but the iPad. Apple is champion for several reasons including: Smart marketing team
    Brand recognition thanks to the marketing team
    High-quality and innovative hardware (anyone else have a Magic Mouse?)
    Excellent customer service
  • Personally, I think $599 for the wifi-only Xoom would be a great price except... I still have an issue with the washed-out looking display. I posted about it before, but I really have used the Xoom for a couple hours at different BB locations and the contrast, brightness is just not there for a device of this magnitude. I REALLY want to get the Xoom, but that is the single thing keeping me from it. Perhaps the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will knock our socks off. Who knows. Once we have two Honeycomb tabs out, then we can really make some good comparisons. I don't' much care to fight about iPad vs Xoom.
  • Not only is this too much money from the onset, but now the iPad 2 is released and trumps it's specs in many ways, particularly in processing power. On top of that, Motorola dragged its feet on releasing a wi-fi only version. Looks like this generation of tablets aren't going to put a dent in the iPad domination. Maybe Tegra 3 and a newer generation of tablets? Companies, and especially those like Motorola who proclaim to compete with features and quality on the same level as Apple, need to leapfrog the competition by a significant margin and in a timely manner if they truly want to compete in this price range. Otherwise, drop the price.
  • Only in proc power as far as one OpenGL test on the GPU goes, otherwise that's a weak statement.
  • There you go again, ruel24, spouting out "facts" based on a single, unproven, unrepeatable, one-aspected benchmark...
  • You know, a lot of you guys must be in completely blind denial. Every review I have read on any given website has stated that both the hardware and the software on the Xoom feels incomplete and is loaded with bugs. If that doesn't make a testament to the rushed and incomplete nature of Xoom (or even Honeycomb), than what does?
  • Me? I am not in denial at all. And I completely agree that the Xoom was rushed out too quickly. I also think the screen is too dim, and I am irritated by the no-USB charging. But I am going to base my buying decisions and arguments on concrete facts, not on speculation and fleeting, unverified data. As of yet, I have still not bought any tablet... and when the Xoom WiFi comes out, I will probably not being rushing into it.
  • No, not you specifically - you are just the post I responded to. :)
  • Last time I checked this is an Android forum. All you who want to sing the praises of the IPad I'm sure you can find and IPad forum to so so. To say that the xoom is over priced is rediculas when it's the same price as the 32 gb wifi IPad. If you don't like the value of the product just don't buy it. Wait a few weeks and more Android products will be available, and if you don't like those go buy an IPad and stop complaining. All of you who have Android phones and are complaining about the xoom and praising the IPad should sell your phones and go buy IPhones. Then in a few weeks when your bored because you can't customize it like you could your android phone maybe you will change your tune. I'm typing this on my IPad and fully plan on getting an Android tablet when the right one comes along, probably the LG. The IPad is simply boring to use, very simple to use but very boring.
  • It doesn't matter if this is an Android forum, and we're debating how much better the iPad is, or it's an Apple forum and we were debating (in la-la land) how much better the Xoom is. It's still appropriate. If you want only one side, and want to censor everyone else, then you truly live in a vacuum and won't be open to new ideas and products. Look... Use what works for you.
  • Dude you are talking to an Android fanboy.
  • For the most part a majority of the people on ANDROIDCENTRAL is an ANDROID fanboy. Thats why when I venture to the sister sites I don't debate. I gather useful information and analyze it. I don't like the iPad it is practical for some people, but iOS is far from perfect, it does random freezes and reboots just like any software produced. So to debate that the iPad is the best thing out there is personal opinion. Benchmarks and so on are for the people who want to say look my *enter device name here* is better than yours. Guess what I don't care how fast your device is because I will still enjoy my time with my device. So if you want to drool over how great the iPad is please go to tipb.com /rant
  • Fanboy? Did you miss the part where I said I'm using my IPad to type this. I'm not a fanboy of either platform, I'm a consumer who wants a product that works and I enjoy using. I'm saying why can't you discuss the zooms wins and fails and not bring the IPad into the conversation at all? If you want to discuss the IPad go to the IPad forum.
  • The iPad works and it should be enjoyable to use with over 65,000 applications. What is it you expect a tablet to do? Wank you off? :P
  • I enjoy the IPad and it does do what a tablet should do most of the time. It's just boring. No customization, missing all the things we enjoy about android.
  • All about the $540 version at Sams
  • Let's think about this for a minute. 16G iPad2: $499
    32G iPad2: $599 32G of storage doesn't cost $100. It's an opportunity cost. A storage tax. The extra storage space likely _costs_ Apple ~$20ish. So, if MOTO stripped the Xoom of 16G of storage, would it actually lower the price? _Definitely_ not by $100. Probably more like $25. So, MOTO is actually smart. They couldn't compete with Apple with a 16G tablet, since they'd have to sell it at $550-575. But, by tossing in another (relatively cheap, component-wise) 16G of storage, they could hit the same $600 price-point as the 32G iPad2.
  • Im still waiting for a tablet to come out that’s right for me. Apple is to propriety, no Built in SD Card, no flash. Xoom Is the closest to what I need but it is an unfinished product. Glitchy, no flash yet, sd card slot not working. I won’t buy something on the promise we will fix it later. So far in my opinion and for what I need everyone has failed in some way to bring a product to market that will fit my needs. The whole market has failed and everything is a compromise. Why do we consumers have to compromise?
  • So what is it you need, if you don't mind me asking? It's obviously not applications...
  • It's simple I want a device where everything works. I don't care what it cost within reason. It just has to work. Why would anyone buy something that doesn't work like it suppose too. You wouldn't buy a new car that the radio didn't work and would not allow you to go on the freeway. Well that's how I feel about the SD card slot not working and no flash support. If they get it all working I will take a look at it again. I've got money in hand waiting for the first manufacture to provide a solid product.
  • The people here never seize to amaze me. When the Xoom was first announced at $800 everyone here flipped the fuck out saying it was too expensive, yadda, yadda, yadda. They then found out that the tablet was locked to Verizon, they then flipped the fuck out again. During all of this, people bitched up and down and said that there needs to be a $600 WiFi version to compete because $800 was too much and they didn't want 3G/4G or to have to pay for a month of service (which later turned out to be false). Verizon announced the Xoom for $600 on a 2-year contract and people flipped the fuck out again. Skip ahead a month or so and now a WiFi only tablet priced at the $600 range everyone demanded appears and everyone, once again, flips the fuck out...only this time the $600 wifi they all demanded is too expensive!!! You people come across nutcases sometimes. It seems that nothing will ever satisfy you. It's almost disgraceful to be a consumer of Android when this whiny, entitlement swagging group are the online face of Android. At least with Apple, their fans only seem to go crazy once or twice a year...Android fans never seem to give it a rest. Go ahead, give this one or two stars...doesn't change anything - or maybe it solidifies my point. //end rant
  • $800 seemed steep... $600 more reasonable. When I saw the Sam's Club posting for $524 I was sold thinking it likely that Costco would get it too for around that price. Now I hear $600 at big box stores... again, ok. Flash will be out of the device by then. If I have to get it for $600 bucks, then ok. We would all like to spend as little as we can on things, but at some point you have to pony up the funds and move on (or don't and move on).
  • All the people talking about entry level android tablet...will have to wait for (Samsung, Toshiba, Acer and Asus) I guess....I can't recall moto talking about a 16gb model at any time what so ever......I hear alot of people saying this "(Xoom is an unfinished product. Glitchy, no flash yet, sd card slot not working.) I think all that is on the software side and not the hardware except for the 4g installation the tablet is finished.....honeycomb might not be but that's expected of software.....that is why the have bug fixes and update for....and for that reason is why i am going to by the wifi version xoom. my first android device
  • Well, stopped by Best Buy and tried out Xoom and iPad2. Xoom wasn't bad, actually. The lighting was on high for the screen, and in the store, it looked fine. I can see where people say the Xoom seems like it should always be in landscape mode. It just feels natural there. Was still more impressed with iPad. It felt snappy and touch screen is as good as it gets. Didn't mess with the cameras, etc. The biggest plus, for me, was that the iPad had iWork on it! YES! It's a pretty good app, even considering it's built for the iPad. Sure, it's not the full fledged version for the Mac, but it's still a nice app. Whether you want to believe it or not, the iPad is the standard by which all others are compared, and it's that way for a reason: It's a great product.
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