LauncherPro, the popular alternative launcher, has been updated to v.0.8.2, bringing with it some nice changes. The developer, Federico Carnales, said back in September that he was rewriting the entire application to improve performance and add great features.

This update is not the full rewrite, which he hopes to release in January. Nevertheless, this update brings some cool new features, including:

  • Virtual looping: When this is enabled, users can scroll past their last homescreen, only to bounce back to the other side. To enable this feature, go into Preferences->HomeScreen Settings->Virtual Looping
  • Dock popup: This feature is for Pro users only. It allows users to add Recent Apps as a Swipe gesture action popup. If you enable it, you can make a swipe gesture to display your most recently used apps, much like holding the Home button. To enable, hold down an icon in the dock->Swipe gesture action->Show Popup->Recent Apps. Thus far, I have found it displays more apps than long pressing the Home button
  • Clear cache option for Twitter and Facebook widgets; this is also only for Pro users. To access this, go to Preferences->LP Widget Settings->Twitter widget/Facebook widget

Some great improvements on an already fantastic app. If you haven't already tried LauncherPro, find the download links after the break.  [LauncherPro]