Latest on the Motorola Droid Android 2.1 update

We're getting a few more details about the Android 2.1 update that's dropping tomorrow for the Motorola Droid. Here's the deal:

  • The first batch of 1,000 updates will be pushed out at 9 a.m. PDT.
  • Assuming all goes well, another 9,000 updates will go out at 8:59 p.m. PDT.
  • After that, there's a 24-hour waiting period (to make sure all's still well.)
  • Then 200,000 updates will go out on Saturday, March 20.
  • Another batch of 200,000 goes out after that, until everyone has the update.

This stuff is brand-new as of this morning, and things are still subject to change. But we're close, people, and we still expect a manual updating method to be had in short order, so don't freak out if you're not in the first group. Thanks, anon!

Phil Nickinson
  • Finally some good news. I actually switched from sprint with the htc herob just so I could have the lastest and greatest.
  • Thanks for the infos, Android Centrals.
  • I hope this means Milestone is getting the update really soon as well.
  • Again ROYALLY GEEKED Up....I just hope I don't have to wait too long like the saturday update lol
  • Want this update so bad. But.... not sure if I wanna b in the first 9000 test dummys!!
  • How bout that Eris.
  • How can anyone get so excited about this update? Especialy getting gimped on a lot of things that 2.1 can do. All of the things mentioned in the update I'm already doing and more with bugless beast....
  • Saturday, March 20th. The first day of spring in the US
  • The only feature I was looking forward to was having native additional home screens, and they aren't going to be included. Grrrrrr!
  • How do they decide who is in the 9000? Is it a specific area of the country or random?
  • It's probably handled sequentially by phone number for Droid users.
  • Use Helix for the homescreens. I'm bummed about no mention of Flash.
  • All of you need to stop crying about this update. You cry for weeks and weeks about not having the update, and when it comes, you cry some more. Waah waaah I dont have 5 home screens or no 3D app drawer. Get over it. 2.1 is here and I couldnt be any happier.
  • this morning they said on the 18th, now on the 20th???? same thing as last time. sounds like another scam to me
  • Hmmmmm i somewhat agree.. Im a little thrown back by the sudden new info of the 20t.
  • AND last time that they made an announcement they said that google earth and goggles were in the 2.1 version when it rolled out. there not in the list from what i can read. I call SCAM,SCAM,SCAM
  • It might be bad news if half the forum gets the update on thurs, and the other half get the update on the
  • For all you idiots claiming it's a "scam", read the ENTIRE article. First of all, it's NOT the same as last time. Last time Motorola (not Verizon) posted on FaceBook that it was coming, then took it down due to it being there in error. It had nothing to do with Verizon. This update is coming straight from Verizon. For all you past BlackBerry owners out there, you know that Verizon takes years to announce new software, but when they do, it actually happens as planned. It says that updates will BEGIN on the 18th (1,000 at noon Eastern and another 9,000 at midnight Eastern=10,000 total people), take a small break on the 19th to make sure the first ten grand are okay, then from the 20th on 200,000 a day. Google Goggles will be included. No mention of Google Earth or additional home screens, but you never know. It might be in there, but maybe Verizon doesn't think it's important enough to relax with all the hostility!
  • Hey IDIOT, google goggles and google earth isnt mentioned in the list. And watch who you call idiot
  • No more like little bitch
  • Here is the breakdown of what's coming. I got it from VZsocal twitter. Enhancements:
     Pinch-to-zoom is now available when using the browser, Gallery, and
    Google Maps.™
     New Weather and News application plus widget.
    − The Weather and News app pulls the information you want from the
    Web and brings it to your fingertips. You get weekly and hourly
    weather forecasts based on your location, and news headlines.
     New support for voice-to-text entry.
    • Whenever a text-entry box appears, simply tap the microphone
    icon on the virtual keyboard and speak.
     New Gallery application with 3D layout. View and share photos taken
    with your phone and images from your online Picasa Web albums.
     Live Wallpapers offer richer animated, interactive backgrounds on the
    home screen. Access them with a long press anywhere on the home
    screen. Tap Wallpapers, then Live Wallpapers.
     Free Yahoo!® Mail is now supported—simply sign in with your Yahoo!
    email address and password.1
     Google Maps update.2
    − Personalized suggestions and synchronized starring with
    • Starred items are stored and synced automatically between Google
    Maps on your device and on your computer,
    making it easy to search for places you’ve searched
    for before.
    − New night mode in Google Maps Navigation automatically changes
    the screen at night for easier viewing.
     Improved pattern-lock functionality.
     Improved handset audio when disconnecting a wired headset.
     Email accounts no longer need to be re-entered after an
    over-the-air update.
  • Any word on support for voice dial over bluetooth?
  • Is there anywhere we can go to find out when the update will be available for the other phones... such as my Samsung Moment? Matt R.
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  • i just hope the maker of helix launcher 2 gets this thing working on ese53 (thats the version of 2.1 we will be running) so i wont have to mount a custom ROM when this is released
  • You can already get Google Earth on your Droid, rooted or not. I'm running it on Android 2.0.1 as I write this with no special modifications. Go to the link I posted below on your Droid, download the google_earth.apk file, go through whichever file manager app you use (ES File Explorer is the one I use), and then open the file. You'll have to go into Menu> Settings> Applications> and check the box next to "Unknown Sources" first to run this *.apk file. Enjoy.
  • You can download Google Goggles, too. What I want news about is when will Adobe Flash be available. Long time ago hear a rumor it would be packaged with the upgrade, but no. In fact, haven't heard any Flash rumors in a while.
  • no flash :( why waste our time with this update. Where's the flash that everyone oooh'ed and aaah'ed about. waste of an update.
  • Such a wasted update! Not even 2.1 5 screen home!
    This is stupid update.