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A significant milestone for KitKat just 10 months after its public release

Google has just released its monthly report on the distribution of different Android versions among devices accessing the Play Store, and the milestone of KitKat crossing the 20 percent mark has come along this month. Coming up from from 17.9 percent as of July, KitKat now commands 20.9 percent of active devices, a solid jump for a 30-day period.

On the next step down, the three versions of Jelly Bean together make up 54.2 percent of active Android devices, a decrease from 55.5 percent last month (which saw a sharp decrease in the month before, as well). Ice Cream Sandwich dropped almost a full percentage point to 10.6 percent, and Gingerbread interestingly increased 0.1 percentage point to 13.6 percent of devices. Froyo is comfortably under 1 percent of active devices and will soon fall off of this chart, we can assume.

Android Platform Versions

It's interesting to see that KitKat is growing at a strong pace mostly at the expense of Jelly Bean rather than older devices running ICS and Gingebread, but we applaud the strong growth regardless. At this point we're expecting continued strong growth that could easily see KitKat cross the 25 percent threshold as it closes in on one full year in the market.

Source: Google Developers