Grab the Samsung T5 500GB portable solid state drive on sale for $89.99 as one of Best Buy's deals of the day. As a Deal of the Day, the price is temporary and set to expire. This sale only applies to "Alluring Blue" as some of the other colors don't even have a 500GB version, and even if they do they are going for $110. That's the regular price you'll find it going for at most retailers like B&H. The 1TB version of the drive goes for $185 or more most of the time, so today's deal is less than half the price.

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Samsung T5 500GB USB-C portable solid state drive

Transfer speeds up to 540 MB/s. Connects via USB-C so it works with computers, mobile devices, and more. No moving parts like a hard drive so more durable when traveling. Password protection. Drop resistant. Has a mobile app and management software.

$89.99 $110.00 $20 off

This 500GB external SSD features quick read and write speeds of up to 540 Mbps, along with optional password protection and AES 256-bit hardware encryption. It's so tiny it can fit in the palm of your hand too. Samsung includes two cables so you can connect it to either a USB-C or a standard USB port right out of the box.

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In a perfect world, portable solid state drives would be just as inexpensive as portable hard drives. After all, the main feature of SSDs is they have no moving parts, which really makes them perfect for carrying data on the move. Hard drives are much more prone to failure when getting knocked around in your backpack or trampled on the subway. Unfortunately, we're not there yet. Luckily this deal shaves some of that cost off the top and you get a really good product out of it.

Use Samsung's included management software, which helps you with encryption and ensures your drive has the latest firmware updates. Or you can download the free mobile app that gives you some control, too. Samsung also backs it up with a three-year warranty so you can be confident in your purchase.

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