Keep an eye on your house with the Arlo Pro 2 4-camera security system on sale for $400

Arlo Pro 2 seecurity
Arlo Pro 2 seecurity (Image credit: Windows Central)

Grab the Arlo Pro 2 four-camera wireless security system on sale for $399.99. The last time we saw this particular system drop down to $400 was way back in January. It has been selling for around $450 or more since then, and it's actually getting harder and harder to find at all these days. This price is only $100 more than the 2-camera setup.

Cameras are 100% wire-free and can be mounted indoors or outside. Highlight areas of activity where you want to receive alerts. Get 24/7 1080p video recording and see activity 3 seconds before a triggered event. Gets rolling 7-day cloud storage free.

What you get with this package are four wireless cameras and the base station that unites all of them. The cameras are completely wire-free and don't require you to plug them in, although you will need to plug them in for certain features. They record in 1080p HD resolutions and can be mounted just about anywhere.

Some of those features that require the camera to be plugged in include Activity Zones, where you can highlight parts of your camera's view to receive motion alerts for those sections, and Continuous Video Recording. The camera can record 24/7 if you want it to, and you can even upgrade to an Arlo subscription plan that lets you store the nonstop recordings in the cloud. The basic cloud storage plan is free and gives you seven days of rolling storage where it will just overwrite the old recordings.

When plugged in, the cameras can also provide a "3 Second Look Back," which gives you the activity from three seconds before a triggered event (like motion detection). The Arlo Pro 2 works with your smart home system including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and more. You can view live video with just a simple voice command.

The kit comes with a one-month trial to Arlo Smart. This is a powerful service that upgrades your cameras with advanced features like advanced A.I. detection, lock screen notifications, and video storage up to 60 days.

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