Kangaroo announces smart siren, cameras, smoke alarm, and more at CES 2019

Nest, Ring, and Arlo are names that likely first come to mind when you think of smart home security, but in 2019, Kangaroo wants to position itself right alongside the big guys. Kangaroo is a startup that first hit the ground this past August with a smart sensor and companion app, and in 2019, it's taking things to the next level.

At CES 2019, Kangaroo announced five new products that'll be launching in Q1 and Q2 of this year.

Starting with the products that are launching in Q1, here's what we have to look forward to:

  • Motion + Entry Sensor ($30) — Building upon the regular motion sensor from last year, the Motion + Entry Sensor is a two-piece setup that sends you an alert to your phone whenever it detects someone or something passing through a door or window.
  • Siren + Keypad ($60 - $70) — When paired with Kangaroo's sensors, the siren will make an audible sound when your sensors detect an intruder in your home. Furthermore, it serves as a base station for your entire Kangaroo security system and can be used with the keypad for manually arming and disarming your home when your phone's not within reach. Each member of your home gets their own unique PIN for the keypad, and with the two Roo Tags that come included with it, guests such as house cleaners, pet sitters, and more can quickly disarm the system with just a tap.
  • Home Climate Sensor ($30) — Whether it be due to flooding, mold growth, or something else, the Kangaroo Home Climate Sensor is able to detect and alert you of any changes in your home's humidity or temperature levels.
  • Smoke Alarm + CO2 Sensor ($30) — As the name suggests, the Smoke Alarm + CO2 Sensor detects both smoke and CO2. In addition to alerting your phone via a notification, it can also trigger the siren to make everyone in the home aware that something's going on.

And, coming in Q2, Kangaroo is launching indoor and outdoor security cameras. All we know right now is that the cameras will be able to livestream footage to the Kangaroo app and that you can have them mounted to a wall or stand on their own. They'll also support motion alerts, night vision, and cloud storage. However, video quality, battery life, and pricing info is still up in the air.

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Joe Maring

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