The JLab JBuds Frames turn your regular glasses into wireless headphones for just $50

Jlabs Jbuds Frames Hero
Jlabs Jbuds Frames Hero (Image credit: JLab Audio)

What you need to know

  • These new headphones are Bluetooth buds that clip onto an existing pair of glasses.
  • The JBuds Frames allow for open-ear listening, allowing you to enjoy audio while still hearing the world around you.
  • The JBuds Frames will retail for an affordable $50.

CES 2021 is still a few days away, but the new product announcements continue to pour in preceding this year's virtual event. One of the most popular categories of consumer electronics at the online show this year looks to be Bluetooth and true wireless earbuds, and the new JBuds Frames (opens in new tab) from JLab Audio are staking their claim to be mentioned among this year's best wireless earbuds.

The JBuds Frames are somewhat of a hybrid product because while they are headphones, they don't go in or over your ears. Instead, the two Bluetooth receivers clip on the arms of your eyeglasses or sunglasses, delivering up to 120 dB of sound while still allowing you to experience the outside world. These kinds of open-ear headphones have been popularized by companies like AfterShokz, as well as through smart multimedia glasses like the Amazon Echo Frames.

Unlike those other options, the JBuds Frames are more customizable, letting you move them between different pairs of glasses and allowing you to choose the look, fit, and style that you prefer. They claim over eight hours of battery life with over 100 hours standby time, and the device takes approximately two hours to recharge via a magnetic USB cable. You can use either Bud independently of the other thanks to dual connect technology, and they should survive a sweaty workout or light rain shower thanks to their IPX4 water resistance.

Source: Jlab Audio

JLabs has not announced a specific release date yet, saying only that the JBuds Frames should be available in early 2021. We look forward to getting our hands on these for an official review to see how they compare to the other best headphones under $100.

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  • Love the idea but these look bulky. If practicality outweighs Style, then I suppose these would work. If the size is reduced in future versions I'd definitely be interested.
  • As utterly ridiculous as I thought these were at first glance they could actually be a great idea for me running during the summer when wearing shades and get around the sweaty ear issue that buds have or the bad fit with over ear headphones
  • Well, I guess it's one of those things you got to try to see if you like it.
  • I will stick with the echo frames at this time. The jbuds are a great idea but they look like boxes connected to the frames. regular earbuds are small, why can't the jbuds be small too?
  • Bumping this thread : took the plunge and ordered a pair. So far these things are fantastic. Light weight and not a bit intrusive. The music sound quality average but better than expected. Call quality is excellent considering the speakers rest above and outside of the ears. They're keepers!