Spotify is back up after morning outage

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Update, November 27 (08:15 am ET): Things are now back to normal.

What you need to know

  • Spotify is experiencing an outage around the world.
  • A large number of Spotify users say they aren't able to stream songs on the app.
  • Spotify claims to have made a "few tweaks backstage," but the issues haven't been resolved completely.

The world's most popular music streaming service is currently down for many users around the world. Spotify users in Western Europe, however, are the worst affected. According to Downndetector, the issues started at 4:30 AM ET this morning. While 82% of people have reported issues with music streaming, 13% aren't able to log in to their Spotify accounts.

Spotify Outage

Source: Downdetector (Image credit: Source: Downdetector)

Spotify has acknowledged the issue and even made a few "tweaks backstage." Unfortunately, however, it doesn't look like the problems have been resolved completely. Most users are still experiencing issues when streaming music, although they are able to play downloaded music just fine. In some cases, songs start playing but the playback stops after a few seconds.

Update, November 27 (08:15 am ET) — Spotify has resolved all the issues

Spotify has said in a tweet that all the issues have finally been fixed and everything is now back to normal.

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