Basis Peak

Basis has today announced a new fitness tracker called Peak. The company, owned by Intel, aims to have this new wearable available for purchase in the US from November. The Peak itself emphasizes on health and fitness, sporting numerous features including the ability to keep track of steps, calories, heart rate, skin temperature and more. If you've yet to see a wearable to purchase, Intel's attempt may well fit the bill.

Bluetooth LE is supported for pairing with connected smartphones and tablets. But, before you get excited about replacing that smartwatch you currently wear, the Peak doesn't support email and SMS notifications – features available in other competing fitness apparel. Basis has stated said functionality (and other improvements) will be added in future software releases. Developers will also be able to take advantage of planned APIs to develop apps.

Four days of battery life will see that wearers won't have to charge their Peak on a daily basis, and there's also water resistance of up to 5 ATM for good measure. As noted above, be on the lookout for the Peak later this year. If you're interested in picking one up, be prepared to part with $200. UK and Canada are reported to be next on the launch list.

Source: Basis, via: Engadget