Instagram's Android app gets 'add a comment' button in main feed

Instagram's added a heap of new features to its app throughout the year (both big and small), and the latest addition to it aims to make commenting on photos/videos easier than ever.

As part of a server-side update that's rolling out to the Instagram app now, Android users will start to see a new "add a comment" button below posts that enables you to type and send a comment without having to leave your main feed.

Prior to this update, you'd have to tap on the comment icon to go to the comments section and then type your thoughts. It's a process that worked fine, but being able to say a few words about a post without having to actually leave your main feed is a nice touch.

Instagram with (left) and without (right) the new comment button.

Instagram confirmed to Engadget that this feature first started rolling out to iOS last month. The new comment button has already shown up on Andrew Martonik's phone and my own, but the rollout seems to be a bit buggy at the moment. The button shows up and works just fine on some posts, but it's just nowhere to be seen on others.

Have you seen this on your Instagram app?

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Joe Maring

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