Instagram hits 300 million monthly active users, adds verified accounts

Instagram has crossed the 300 million active monthly users line and is today adding support for verified users to the square photo social network. That 300 million threshold actually puts Instagram as having a larger monthly audience than Twitter, certainly explaining why Facebook was willing to pay $1 billion for the service.

But those verified accounts? It's all about being sure that who you're following is really who you're following:

People ask, 'When it comes to public figures and brands, how do I know that the people I discover on Instagram are really who they say they are? How do I know that this person really is Tony Hawk?'Today, we're excited to announce verified badges for celebrities, athletes and brands, making it easier for you to connect with the authentic accounts you're looking for. These badges will start rolling out over the coming days.

Additionally, Instagram has been going through and purging spammy accounts "on an ongoing basis," including deactivating and deleting such accounts (so you might see a dip in your follower count if you happen to be followed by a lot, and Instagram will send you a notification to that effect).

Source: Instagram

Derek Kessler

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