IncDoes ROM

This one goes out to all our Droid Incredible users, especially the ones who prefer a more vanilla experience -- IncDoes ROM for the Dinc has been updated, and it comes with a twist.  Some of the best parts of HTC's Sense UI have been kept and ported to work with the ROM, so you get the AOSP look and feel but get to keep the HTC Music Player, camera, gallery, and video browser.  Should make for a really interesting combo.  Reports say that the ROM is pretty snappy, and most are pleased.  Of course, that's subjective so you should try for yourself and sound off in the Incredible Hacking forums!  There's a monster of a change log (and thanks for that developers, makes things much easier for those of us who spread the word!) and you can read it after the break.  For downloads and full installation instructions, hit the source link.  [Xda-Developers]

v2.0 changelog:
Best of both worlds, "AOSP makes SENSE now"... get it?
- no apps to sd or ext4 needed
- this is based on the latest code
- full functional HTC-720p cam
- full functional HTC-gallery & videos
- full funtional HTC-music player (no ringtone trimmer)
- fancy new animations
- new gmail.apk 2.3
- new wallpapers
- new browser.apk
- new jit compiler
- new audio drivers for superb sound quality
- new dsp manager (full headset, speaker and Bluetooth support)
- libegl-mods
- stagefreight-mods
- ril-hacks
- added audio and video codec's added for 720p support
- kernel modules added
- updated frameworks
- updated superuser/su
- updated google apps
- updated launcher
- updated search
- updated build - FRG33
- kingklick kernel
- fixed autobrightness
- fixed screen auto rotate
- fixed proximity sensor
- fixed screen dim timeout
- screen calibrated
- removed bootanimation (theme devs can add one to a template)
- removed lockscreen music controls (for now) the music player was not supporting the functions, therefore removed.
much much more will be coming, sit tight!!

Cannot add new things without breaking some old things wifi broke (not connecting) and tethering is not added in kings kernel.