Improve your audio with a Sonos Playbar HiFi sound bar on sale for $399 refurbished

Sonos PLAYBAR (Image credit: Sonos)

WorldWideStereo on eBay has the Sonos Playbar HiFi soundbar on sale for $399 refurbished. WWS is a Sonos authorized dealer, and this refurb unit is covered by a full Sonos one-year warranty. New versions of the Playbar still sell for around $600 or more at retailers like Best Buy. Finding it on sale at all has always been unusual, so finding it for this low and fully covered by Sonos is a tremendous deal.

A mountable sound bar that can enhance your TV audio and more. Control it with an app. Knows how to automatically tune itself for the best sound and emphasizes the human voice over other sound. Connect to other Sonos speakers, too.

Earlier this month, Sonos announced the followup to the Playbar called the Sonos Arc. The Playbar is one of Sonos' older devices for sure, so it's nice to see a new version coming out. However, the Arc is going to launch at a starting price of $800 and won't come down from that price anytime soon. If you're looking to break into the Sonos ecosystem in a more affordable way, the deal above is how to do it.

The Sonos Playbar is a great sound bar, especially if you're interested in getting a full-blown Sonos home audio system eventually. It's easy to set up and use (seriously, one cord for power and one for the TV and you're good to go), works seamlessly with Sonos speakers like the Sonos One, and it integrates Sonos' digital music software. If you don't have any other Sonos speakers for a true surround sound experience, the sound bar has virtual surround sound effects that makes it seem like you do. You can also pair it with an Echo Dot for smart home control.

Sonos also recently announced the S2 app, a new upgrade and operating system for Sonos devices. The Playbar, despite its age, will be part of this upgrade. So even if you get the Playbar now, you can expect some big improvements including all-new features and more personalization coming in June.

John Levite
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