Images of Official Android Facebook App Leak

Android and Facebook haven't always gotten along but we've heard reports that they've set aside their differences and that an official Facebook App for Android was on the way. Though the Android Facebook App was going to be considerably different than the very popular iPhone Facebook App, we were absolutely positive that the Android Facebook App was going to take advantage of Android's unique features and deliver a worthwhile experience.

And though we previously knew very little of the Facebook App, some screenshots has come to light.  The screenshots don't depict everything that the App will be capable of but we're sure Facebook fans will be satisfied, the App even seems to come with a widget! We're fairly certain that an official Facebook offering will be a more compelling option than the current 3rd party applications but honestly we'll have to wait and see. Let's hope that Facebook will deliver a great experience for the Android platform!


Casey Chan
  • So jellious of the 3g symbol cuz I live in st loui but looks like a keeper, having been a iphone adopter it'll be good to see which one is better (miss my iphone ;()
  • @ Previous poster, I thought we were on the list of new 3G cities...they posted something on this site. I'm in St. Louis also.
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