IFTTT now lets you add trigger phrases for the Amazon Echo

If you're a fan of using your Amazon Echo with automation app IFTTT, things just got a little more customizable. You can now set up specific trigger phrases for IFTTT actions when using an Amazon Echo, allowing you to simply ask the Echo's virtual assistant, Alexa, to trigger a certain action and then letting IFTTT do the dirty work.

As IFTTT explains in its Google+ post announcing the feature, you can set up phrases like "Alexa, trigger find my phone" or "Alexa, trigger party time," inside of IFTTT to trigger specific actions tied to those phrases. This is in addition to the previous method of Echo integration, through which IFTTT would simply automate tasks by passively monitoring your Alexa requests.

It's a small change, and you may feel silly prefacing each phrase with the word "trigger," but it's handy nonetheless.

Source: IFTTT (Google+)