Hulu's offline downloads finally rolling out for Android users

Hulu Android offline downloads
Hulu Android offline downloads (Image credit: Hulu)

What you need to know

  • Offline downloads for Hulu are now supported on Android devices.
  • The feature originally rolled out at the beginning of October starting with iOS devices.
  • Only available for users on the $11.99 per month ad-free plan.

On October 7, Hulu announced it was finally adding downloads for offline viewing to its app. Unfortunately, this feature would roll out to iOS users first and Android users would have to wait. That's something we have become accustomed to as Android users, although it's still a bitter pill to swallow.

Fortunately for us, Hulu didn't keep Android users waiting too long and downloads are now available for Hulu subscribers. In case you missed it when Hulu first announced offline downloads, it comes with some caveats.

The first being that you must be subscribed to the more expensive $11.99 ad-free plan. Next, you can only download up to 25 things over five different devices, and you'll have to watch them within 30 days. Also, anything you've downloaded will expire 48 hours after you've started watching it. However, you will have the option to renew it if the title is still available at that time.

Last but not least, not every video will be available for download on Hulu, although the company says there are "thousands" of supported titles. To see which videos support downloading, you can tap on the "Downloadable" option while searching the "Browse" menu.

Offline downloads have been a popular feature for years now on many other streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It provides a convenient way for users to make sure they can watch content even if their connection is spotty or without worrying about cellular data caps.

Who knows why it took Hulu so long to add this feature, but one can speculate it's because of the increased competition coming this month with AppleTV+ launching today and Disney+ launching on November 12. 

Jason England