HTC Thunderbolt showing up in advertising, albeit undercover

We don't usually call attention to the paid adverts on this site. They're a necessary evil, and we like to keep a pretty thick line between editorial and advertising. But in this case, we'll make an exception. You might have noticed the above ad sitting in our sidebar on the right. It's obviously borrowed from that "First to 4G, again" campaign we saw last week. Of course, the phone and its name are still unannounced, but it's looking like we can safely say it will be "Thunderbolt." Click the ad, and you're taken to a page that doesn't actually work. Oops.

But look at the URL (emphasis ours). So Thunderbolt (or maybe Thunderbolt 4G) definitely is in play, and we should see it announced on Verizon Jan. 6 at CES in Las Vegas. Stay tuned! Thanks to Daniel and Jacob for the good eyes!

Phil Nickinson