HTC One X+ makes first unofficial appearance

A T-Mobile-branded HTC One X+ has made its first appearance appearance on Twitter in a wholly unofficial manner. Though we don't get much more than this brief glimpse, we've heard previously about a handful of specs.

  • Size: 134.36 x 69.9 x 9.3mm
  • Weight: 129g
  • NVIDIA AP37 1.6GHZ quad core, 1.7GHZ single core
  • ROM:32GB
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Battery: 1800 mAh
  • Android 4.1 Sense 4.5

Keep in mind that this is all well within the realm of speculation for the time being, but so far, things are looking pretty solid. The only other upcoming HTC device really on our radar at this point is the Droid Incredible X,, which may be finding its way to Verizon. 

In any case, there doesn't seem to be anything particularly exciting about the front face of this device. I'm curious to see the other side, if only to get a sense of what kind of camera is on there. Any T-Mobile customers itching for a fresh HTC phone? 

Source: @evleaks

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  • Not a TMO customer but if that pic is real it sure appears to have curved glass around the edges..all I'm thinking in that case is it will be screen protector hell. Hope DIX..(New Nexus perhaps?) details come out soon. Oh..and HTC..please start putting bigger batteries in your devices..mkay? Thx
  • One word: Zagg
  • "Battery: 1800 mAh" why, Why, WHY????
  • Why?
    Because run time is not measured in mAh, that's why.
  • but it very much helps.
  • Couldn't agree more, they squeezed a bigger battery into the Evo LTE. I do like this phone though. I can't believe it is now $99 on AT&T. I thought this new plus version was coming to AT&T but maybe it's just T-Mobile so the minor updates to the phone seem fine to me.
  • Am I the only person that dies a little bit everytime a new device appears with either hardware or capacitive buttons? Time to move on and give us a true edge to edge screen with on screen buttons HTC!
  • can't agree more, after using the nexus i will not buy another phone with hardware or capacitive buttons.
  • +1 :/
  • I'll put up with the battery size because it will be a beautiful phone with a fantastic display. I'll just always have a spare battery in my wallet like I do for my current DHD phone! Oh wait........ :-(
  • Oh wait.... the battery life in the OneX & Evo LTE are probably 4 times that of your current DHD phone. So why would you want to make your wallet tremendously thicker?
  • I'm a big fan of HTC, and yes, looking forward to this for the upgraded memory & screen size (I'm under the impression it's a 4.7" or 4.8"). I thought about jumping to the S3.. but the GUI seems off/foreign to me (even limited).. which is funny (I know), because technically the wrapping of Sense is supposedly more limiting. To that degree, I'm very tempted to pick up the note 2 (when available)... I'd walk around with a 20" phone, if it would fit in my pocket!! But HTC phones seem cleaner to me... Ready for an upgrade (that much is for sure)
  • Sure doesn't look any different than the current One X.
  • Pass.
  • It's a One X with overclocked CPU. Nothing special.
  • Not just an overclocked Tegra 3. It's the new AP37 chip (or Tegra3+). That means it's a smaller die (28nm) and has LTE integrated. It should be a screamer.
  • incremental upgrade from tegra 3... which was just hype at its own launch. qcom S4 quad core intrigues me much more.
  • Its not the speed that they were going for with this chip, it was the vastly reduced power consumption and built in LTE. Never disregard a die shrink. Also...
    Don't you think Its odd that after jumping up and down about the Samsung SG3 not needing 4 cores that Sammie jumps to a quad core the first chance they get?
  • A bigger Htc One S is exactly what this device is. Much better with Quadcore and it's jellybean out the box with HSPA PLUS 42MPS gotta say nice. But why not 2500mAh battery??? Why the same 1800mAh battery in the one s???. Htc still doesn't get it. I love my Galaxy S3 on Tmobile it's simply the best smartphone on the market period. But I will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 2 which is a beefed up Galaxy S3 but much better on day one of launch so none of this Htc stuff matters to me directly. But what does matter is jellybean device on networks by December and it's like Tmobile is trying to get a leg up. This Htc One X +, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Nexus 2, and current Galaxy S3 all will have jellybean that's great for Tmobile users.
  • 1) No it is not much bigger. In fact, it is the same size 2) No, it is not much better with quad cores. Show my a normal use case where it will make any difference in real world performance with quad vs. dual on a phone. 3) Battery *RUNTIME* on the OneX/Evo LTE is already longer than the Galaxy S3. But I guess you are ignoring that.
  • It would make sense that it does not have LTE hence being on T-Mobile. No Quad Core with LTE just yet my friends.
  • People need to realize that this phone if it's real is meant for Tmobile UK.
  • You are probably right- and that would make a LOT more sense.
  • This is a real nice phone, 2 gb of ram would have been better but it's just tough to go back after you go forward. The battery should prove to be aok, no LTE on T-Mobile and with their very fast HSPA+
    (getting 23mb down and 5mb up lately during daytime hours) should take you thru the entire day easily. In my area (suburb of Boston) T-Mobile speeds are faster then my Verizon LTE speeds. Love it. HTC makes great hardware and not all customers want the SGS3, I think it's the best phone on the market, many are looking for a HTC device, give the customer a great phone with a great plan and you will get them to jump ship. T-Mobile should grab this phone. I hope they jump on the Note 2, I want that phone to go along with my SGS3, it would make one hell of a team. Just My Opinion.
    PS - Had a chance to fool around with the new I-Phone 5, it feels like a freaken toy. I was seriously looking at it with open mind and what a let down. Apple better step it up, their software is old and so much yesterday. no new innovation, lot's of stuff I see from other phones but nothing new from Apple. They are going downhill. The maps and navigation app is the worst excuse for a new application. They should be ashamed of themselves.
  • I've always been a fan of HTC phones - they're actually the only Android devices I've had. I'm still saddled with a Sensation 4G now because I've been waiting to see what the Nexus phone(s) will be.. But this one: 1GB of RAM?
    1800 mAh?
    Capacitive buttons? Nope.. It's looking more and more like I'll be heading for a Sammy Note2 - or if I can hold off, a new Nexus when they're out.
  • This is exactly what I have been waiting for that T-Mobile gets this phone. If only for the reason is that my wife wants it and has been suggesting we even go to AT&T or something, now I can totally shut that down.
  • still with the capacitive buttons, i see.
  • 1800 mAh!? That seriously has me doubtin'!
  • Doubting what? The One X/Evo LTE RUNTIME is the same as (or better than) the Galaxy S3. What matters is the real-world runtime, not the battery size. My previous model phone from the Evo LTE had a battery almost that big, but the runtime was way less than *HALF*.
  • Considering this is essentially a 2-year purchase for most people, and with it coming with Jelly Bean most people will expect an upgrade to Key Lime Pie (Kiwi Jello, or whatever Google chooses to name the next OS version). 2GB is looked on as "future proofing" their handset, and we all know that now that handsets will be out there with 2GB of RAM (GS3, Optimus G) app developers WILL be trying to use this (particularly for games). For HTC to launch their next flagship with just 1GB of RAM, considering just how inexpensive 1GB of RAM is (and how much RAM Sense uses), this will just give people an excuse to choose something else. HTC needs to knock something out of the park, with no apparent compromises. When people look at things like no removable battery, no removable storage, less RAM....those things may not matter to everyone, but they do matter to some. By having more compromises you then alienate even more shoppers, ESPECIALLY the power-users who tend to evangelise to others on "what's the best device". Dang! I was looking forward to buying this, as I love HTC's screens and build quality. I'm just tired now of all their devices compromises. I guess it will be a GS3 & GN2 for this family instead of 2 HOX+.
  • No microSD, no dice. Get a clue, HTC!
  • Just don't buy HTC.
    I paid $750 on a HTC One X three months ago.
    The phone has a lot of wifi and netwok problems and all HTC says is they are looking into the problem.
    Believe me, just dont buy HTC.