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HTC Merge may launch April 29 on US Cellular after all?

The HTC Merge is once again rumored to launch on US Cellular come April 29.  We sort-of-kind-of already saw this when we posted some leaked internal US Cellular documents that gave us that date, but that was promptly denied by US Cellular, which said the Merge would be launching "later this spring."  Now a second set of different, but just as leaked documents sent to Engadget again say April 29. 

What we do know is that the Merge is available from Alltel and Cellular South, has an awesome sliding horizontal keyboard (check out our most recent hands-on), and once upon a time had Verizon branding all over its face.  After that, it's all a crap-shoot apparently.  Anyhow, if you're a US Cellular customer, the Merge may/possibly/hopefully/should/might-not be hitting the shelves this Friday.  Maybe.  [Engadget]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Three regional carriers and no big boy... At this point, writing's pretty much on the wall for no Verizon Merge.
  • Its like blogs just keep kicking me in the nuts everytime we get a new story about the Merge, and its never about a VZW release! :(
  • It was in the title that it wasn't about Verizon. I dunno why you're so surprised anymore. My point is probably true.
  • I have spent 29 years on this Earth, 27 of them as a Red Sox fan...I'm used to clinging to hope when its pretty much dead, buried, and rotted...its my nature. As for the title...I meant that articles come out on other releases and it hurts to see the phone put out, but not for OUR network. Worst part is: last night I met a man with a merge, and he let me look at just makes me lust after it more :(
  • "I have spent 29 years on this Earth, 27 of them as a Red Sox fan...I'm used to clinging to hope when its pretty much dead, buried, and rotted...its my nature." You aren't a Cubs fan. That's clinging to hope. As for getting one, you even said the guy said they weren't planning on releasing it. I PMed the Alltel guy with one asking if he could do a lookup on whether or not it could operate on Verizon. That's probably the best you can hope for. And if that doesn't work, I think the phrase SOL pretty much covers it. I've already moved on. You probably should too.
  • Nah...Cubbies fans aren't hopeful, they're delusional. haha. As for waiting...he said he heard they weren't planning on it, but my friend who works in the VZW call center says its in the equipment guide, so it might still come. If not then I guess I'm waiting til VZW pulls their heads out of their asses and gets me a decent QWERTY phone, because I'm not settling for an iphone or iphone slab wannabe because I know I'm gonna hate it. What are you going to get instead DB?
  • I'm trying to win a Droid Charge at the moment through the contest at If I'm unsuccessful, I'll wait and see the reviews for the Dinc2 as well as the Charge. I haven't actually played with a Samsung so I don't know their differences from Moto and HTC beyond TouchWiz vs Blur vs Sense. But who knows. I've sent some @'s on twitter to Panda asking about what he thinks but I haven't heard anything. Maybe someone can talk to him during Thursday's podcast. I'll be a trivia unfortunately. And if it turns out we can use a Merge on Verizon no problem, I might make the drive down and get one out of contract from Alltel and let Verizon suck it. I just want to get into whatever surveys Verizon uses to make decisions about their products. I don't think competing solely on UI changes of Android is really product differentiation. Especially since almost all the hardware is so similar.
  • Who knows...
  • Lol Jer, that's a perfect Photoshop for this phone.
  • Not going to happen unless they pull off some super sneaky shipping miracle...
  • Maybe... And maybe scallops will fly out of me pants!!
  • I'm still crossing my fingers for a verizon release....although I've been crossing them for so long that I can't feel them anymore...
  • Aesthetically, I think it's a great looking phone.
  • I fail to see how a phone with only the bottom row of a keyboard would function. :)
  • this phone is without a doubt launching on USCellular on Friday, April 29th. Internal Documents confirmed
  • Verizon, please release this phone!
  • Looks like I wlll be looking for a unlocked Merge. Thanks Verizon.