HTC Merge

The HTC Merge is once again rumored to launch on US Cellular come April 29.  We sort-of-kind-of already saw this when we posted some leaked internal US Cellular documents that gave us that date, but that was promptly denied by US Cellular, which said the Merge would be launching "later this spring."  Now a second set of different, but just as leaked documents sent to Engadget again say April 29. 

What we do know is that the Merge is available from Alltel and Cellular South, has an awesome sliding horizontal keyboard (check out our most recent hands-on), and once upon a time had Verizon branding all over its face.  After that, it's all a crap-shoot apparently.  Anyhow, if you're a US Cellular customer, the Merge may/possibly/hopefully/should/might-not be hitting the shelves this Friday.  Maybe.  [Engadget]