HTC Kingdom lands at the FCC

We've seen blurry images and even a leaked ROM for the upcoming HTC Kingdom but this time around -- things just got a whole lot more real. Right now, the FCC is checking out a device that's labeled as the PH44100 but as you look through the details you can see that the PH44100 has all the callings of the HTC Kingdom. WiMax, CDMA, 4.3-inch qHD display and bound for Sprint. That's it for now -- but it's a safe bet that we'll be hearing more about this device soon and hopefully, some better images of it before it gets an official announcement.

Source: FCC; via: Engadget

  • so this is for sure a 4.3" screen and not 4.0" as some earlier rumors suggest? if it is smaller in size than evo3D i gotta go for this, even though we really need dual-core right now???
  • YES. When I started to look for alternatives for my HTC Desire in March, I looked ONLY for Dual core's. You have NO idea how important it is at this point to buy a dual core and not a single core (assuming you wil have to use out for 2 years) Already games are being optimized for dual core's. Besides that, the difference between every Android phone I have seen and my Galaxy S II is HUGE. It is so smooth, always. The browser is fantastic, the best at the moment (first browser that beats iPhone in smoothness, speed etc). This because of a GOOD dual core set. IMO Tegra 2 is only good in gaming. From what I have seen Tegra 2 devices still have choppy scrolling and lag. The Exynos chip in the Galaxy S II performs excellent thought! Long story maybe what shorter: end of this year you will hear dual core A LOT, many people will have it and many apps with be optimized/made for dual core. And then.. You still have 1,5 year with your single core. By the time your contract is done, people will be bored of quad core's lol...
  • but if this has a 1.2 ghz processor, and is of the same architecture as the evo shift processor (which is said to be faster at 800mhz than the reguar evo 4g 1ghz processor). that must mean it is very fastttt. and I do not really use my phone for gaming, so I am thinking dual-core maybe unnecessary. I have yet to jump ship to android anyways, I am currently using a palm pixi. And would like to jump to android but need something small and powerful.
  • Like Maestro1, I too would like clarification on the SCREEN SIZE on this device. Earlier reports were that it was a 4" .... now several sites are reporting that it is a 4.3" I can't tell if someone made a mistake (and others are repeating it) or if the size reported has now changed. Would someone please fact find and report in? As a woman who carries her phone, the 4" form factor is much more appealing than the 4.3" ....
  • So, size does matter -- but smaller is better? ;)
  • It's still the Evo 3D for me!!! Even though dual core right now is not needed, it's better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it ;)
  • Ok enough with the confusion....Lets clear the air. The EVO 3D is 4.3" not 4" which would be a downgrade.
    It has a 1.2ghz dual core processor not a single core. This is faster then the EVO shift! The only downgrade to the EVO 3D which is not really a downgrade when you compare to what you gain is the kickstand is gone in order to make room for the 2 cameras. Are any of you guys really EVO fans? Or just haters who half read things....Get Owned!!!!
  • You obviously only half read the article too, or didnt read it at all.... What people are confused about is the size of the HTC Kingdom. Which is what this article is about. The Evo 3D is a different story, has nothing to do with this article. Glad you like the Evo 3D, me too, but dont go off talking crap if you dont understand clearly what is being asked...just sayin'
  • Are you serious???? we all know the specs of the EVO 3D, what we are comparing is the HTC kingdom, which has a 1.2 ghz single core processor, and is rumored to have an either 4" or 4.3" screen, which is what we are trying to clarify. so yeah get owned!!!!!!!