HTC Holiday caught again on camera, 4.5 inches of LTE heading for AT&T

Well lookie here, it's the HTC Holiday, showing up a little less broken that the last time we saw it.  The folks at Engadget got their hands on some pictures and the specs, and it certainly looks like another home run by HTC.  Packing a 4.5 inch qHD display, 1.2GHz CPU (of the dual-core variety, natch) and a full Gigabyte of RAM, look for it to ship with Android 2.3.4 and Sense 3.0.  And we can't forget the LTE radio, which should make this AT&T's first handset using the shiny new 4G network.  While they can't confirm, there's a better than average chance this one will get the name "Waikiki" hung on it at launch -- surf's up!

AT&T, meet HTC.  You guys should have got together like this a long time ago.  Check the source link for the picture gallery.

Source: Engadget

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • To thick. Im gunna have to go to at&t and poke it when it comes out. First
  • I can't wait for this phone! It should be sweet!
  • HTC smacks all the other brands everytime :)
  • Internal storage? I hope HTC know 16GB is the minimum .... Not 4
  • Nice phone, incredibly dumb name. The Waikiki? Ugh.
  • Um.........HTC and AT&T got together a long time ago when they made the Aria. THE MORE YOU KNOW
  • how do i say this.... Verizon + AT&T = tiered data T-Mobile + Sprint = can't use your phone anyway, i don't care how much your limit/unlimited plans are times are changing, grab your pants and deal with it.
  • at&t seems to be getting all the awesomeo phones lately..
  • Hot damn! This phone looks amazing!
  • I don't know, this phone looks chocked full of meh.It's just another slab of squareness.
  • what else would you want in a phone though? i dont get how its not gonna be a slab. would you want something a litle more round? the funny thing is we joke and laugh about phones like the Kyocera Echo because of how it looks but it really is something diffrent. if you look at it, it looks a little different with the backing and all.
  • It's not that its a terrible phone, its just hard to continually get excited about slab phones with marginal differences. You have to admit, the entire Android field of phones has become far too homogenous and uninteresting. Where are the differentiators between products? Look at the phones on the right over here -> same same same same. BLAH!
  • LTE is just another way of saying that these cell phone companies want your money, so they'll promise you something spectacular but then to find out that you're limited from these features
  • I hope HTC continues to deliver good phones to At&T after this one.. It's been awhile since the aria. I want some quad core from HTC and AT&T next year.
  • Can't wait!
  • Sometimes At&t has to get lucky and have a very nice HTC made device. Yes it's there turn there customers deserve it too but DON'T GET IT TWISTED it's not like they are REALLY IN THE ANDROID GAME LIKE SPRINT OR TMOBILE...That will never be...Sprints android lineup makes at&t LOOK USELESS WHICH THEY HAVE BEEN FOR SO LONG
  • OMG ! 1 GB of RAM on an HTC phone? The World must be coming to an end! Or a Hurricane must be nearby anyway : - )
  • Check out the 3D, it has a gig as well.
  • Wont buy an HTC phone no matter how amazing they are until they stop paying the Microsoft ransom. I will stick with Samsung or Moto for now as they are fighting the good fight for Android.
  • Does anybody know if this phone will come out before November since I have a friend who's getting rod of their iPhone and going to Android when their contract ends.
  • So, VZW is giving us another 4.3" in the Vigor, but AT&T is giving its customers a 4.5"? VZW fail.
  • sweet. glad to see HTC is making 4.5" phones. i'll take a 5" HTC with ice cream sammmmmmmich. EVO HD for Thanksgiving?
  • If it doesn't have NFC then I'll pass.
  • Too big. My Atrix's form factor is perfect for me, and now that we're close to getting some good ROMs for it, it'll take the next Nexus device to get me away from it.
  • Anyone have a rough idea as to when this baby is coming out?
  • HTC Inspire on AT&T with a 4.3" screen and Gingerbread is doing just fine for me, thank you.
  • That tapered back is really not a good look...Plus I doubt it'll be comfortable to hold.
  • god this phone is UGLY. lol gross. hope its just a prototype and not a finished product.
  • NFC?