HTC Hero & HTC Lancaster Launching on June 24th Press Event ?

Remember that London Press Event we told you guys about? The one happening on June 24th where no one has a clue what's going to be released. Well, we're getting reports from the Economic Daily News that it may be an announcement for BOTH the HTC Hero and HTC Lancaster. Yeah, two Android devices launching on the same day!? Crazy!

But if you remember correctly, the HTC Lancaster was leaked as AT&T's first Android phone. That note is important considering that AT&T is supposed to have timed exclusivity with the HTC Lancaster, which brings into question the location of the press event: London. Why in the world would the press event be in London if it was for AT&T's big Android launch?

It doesn't really make sense to us. Combine the fact that the EDN didn't cite any sources, this is beginning to sound like a stab in the dark. Hey, they could very well be right and we wish for them to be, but this sounds too good to be true, for now.

What do you guys think? Could two Android Phones be announced the same day?


Casey Chan