HP Considering Android For Their Netbooks ?

You could make an argument that the two biggest technology stories of 2008 was Android and netbooks. Android is a potential game-changer in both the wireless world and the mobile industry as a whole. Netbooks are an increasingly popular option for those who simply need the bare basics for their computing. So what could the biggest story of 2009 be? Perhaps, Android-Powered Netbooks? Netbooks running Android? We think so!

HP is reportedly looking into Android as the potential OS for its netbook line and honestly, it can make sense. Windows is currently too beefy for the netbook spectrum and Android is free, open-source, and extremely versatile. HP definitely should take a long and serious look into seeing if it is practical for a netbook to run Android because the potential is off the charts.

If this happens, and it still is a big if, Android is certainly going to be bigger than even we anticipated. HP is one of the biggest computer manufacturers in the US and having Android on their netbooks would put Android at the forefront of the revolution. Android in computers? Cool! Android in everyday life? Even better.

What do you guys think? Do you think Android would make a good OS for netbooks?

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Casey Chan