On September 3, Google began rolling out its long-awaited Android 10 update to Pixel devices — including the Pixel 3 and 3 XL.

While these two handsets will soon be replaced by the upcoming Pixel 4 series, Android 10 breathes new life into the phones thanks to the updated gestures, dark mode, and more.

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New software also tends to have an impact on battery life, and taking a look through the AC forums, some of our members seem to be having mixed results on last year's flagship Pixels.


Mine seems the same as it was with Pie.


So far (less than 24 hrs) I'd say the battery life for my phone is actually worse. Nothing extreme but it is noticable. I just did the update without wiping the cache or factory resetting anything, so maybe doing that would help. But with the pixel stand and wired fast charging the battery life doesn't bother me. I still got over 4 hrs last night of screen time where I was getting 5 hours. Gonna...


My battery life is phenomenal. Again I charge off the USB in the car with Android Auto going to work and coming home from work, I never drain past about 60% of battery during the day.


Went through a whole day and I can't complain about the battery. I would say that it has given me an extra hour of screen on time. Can't complain at all.


What about you? How's your Pixel 3 battery life on Android 10?

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