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Getting a VPN set up on your PlayStation 4 isn't as hard as you'd think. What matters is buying the right VPN so you know you can trust in its quality. The setup after that is simple, and you'll be able to stream content from other regions in no time. It doesn't work for all region-locked content that check the region of your PSN account, but a lot of content only checks your IP address.

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Connect to your PS4 from a router

  1. If you don't already have a VPN, sign up for one. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Set up the VPN on your wireless router. The exact way varies from router to router, so whichever VPN you get should provide specific instructions.
  3. Alternatively, you can buy a router with a VPN already installed.
  4. On your PlayStation 4, go to Settings.
  5. Select Network.
  6. Select Set Up Internet Connection.

    PS4 settingsSource: Android Central

  7. Choose Use Wi-Fi.
  8. Select Easy when asked how you'd like to set up the connection.
  9. If prompted, select Do Not Use a Proxy Server.

Connect to your PS4 from your PC

  1. Install the VPN you'd like on your PC.
  2. Connect your PS4 and PC with an Ethernet cable.
  3. Press the Windows Key + X to open up the Power User menu on the left hand side of your screen.
  4. Select Network Connection.

    Network connections screenSource: Android Central

  5. Select Change Adapter Options.

    Change adapter settingsSource: Android Central

  6. Right-click on the icon of your VPN that pops up.
  7. Select Properties.

    properties of wi-fiSource: Android Central

  8. Click on the Sharing tab.
  9. Check the box that allows other network users to connect through your computer's internet connection.

    wi-fi properties sharingSource: Android Central

  10. Hit Ok.
  11. On your PlayStation 4, go to Settings.
  12. Select Network.
  13. Select Set Up Internet Connection.
  14. Choose Use a LAN Cable.

    Use a LAN cable PS4Source: Android Central

  15. Select Easy when asked how you'd like to set up the connection.
  16. If prompted, select Do Not Use a Proxy Server.

Why should I use a VPN?

Some content on PlayStation 4 is region-locked, and using a VPN is the best way to circumvent this. In order to buy games restricted to a specific region, you'll need to register your PlayStation Network account to that region. This is because the PlayStation Store checks your PSN region when purchasing games, not your IP address.

When choosing a VPN, we'd recommend going for one that you need to pay for. There are free VPN options out there, and tons of great cheap VPNs to pick from.

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Plug it in

Ethernet Cable

Cat-6 Ethernet Cable

More reliable than Wi-Fi

When setting up a VPN on your computer, you'll need to use an Ethernet cable when you want to get it hooked up on your PS4. Wired connections are better than wireless anyway, so this is only beneficial when you want to stream content or play games online.

We test and review VPN services in the context of legal recreational uses. For example:

1. Accessing a service from another country (subject to the terms and conditions of that service).
2. Protecting your online security and strengthening your online privacy when abroad.

We do not support or condone the illegal or malicious use of VPN services. Consuming pirated content that is paid-for is neither endorsed nor approved by Future Publishing.

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