How to pair a smartwatch or fitness tracker to the Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 Smartwatch
Oculus Quest 2 Smartwatch (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

While Oculus Move is a great way to track some basic workout stats on your Oculus Quest 2, a smartwatch can provide much more accurate health data when paired with supported apps. Right now, there's no native way to pair your smartwatch with your Oculus Quest 2. Still, apps like Supernatural have apps that work specifically with your smartwatch to gather additional data that you can use to track your VR workouts more accurately.

How to pair a smartwatch or fitness tracker with Supernatural

Supernatural supports the Apple Watch, Wear OS watches, and the best fitness trackers with BLE support.

  1. First, you'll need to grab the Supernatural Companion App from the app store of your choice. It's a free download and can be found below.

Supernatural VR Logo

Supernatural Companion app

The Supernatural Companion App lets you manage your workouts, pair your smartwatch, and do more with the best VR fitness app.

  1. Once logged into the app, select the heart icon on the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Some fitness trackers may require you to put them in pairing mode before continuing.
  3. Select the Pair button to initiate the pairing process.
  4. Select your smartwatch or fitness tracker from the list of devices, then click Next.
  5. Once your smartwatch or fitness tracker is paired, click on the Start Tracking button.

Once your smartwatch or fitness tracker is paired with the Supernatural Companion App, you'll just need to select Start Tracking before your workouts in the future. This will enable Supernatural to display your heart rate and can give you even more workout statistics. That will allow you to monitor your own heart rate to ensure you don't surpass any thresholds you may need to adhere to for medical purposes.

Right now, Supernatural is the only app that supports heart-rate tracking with VR workouts, but additional apps and games could likely add it in the future. Facebook is always improving the Quest experience, which means there's also a distinct possibility we could see native smartwatch pairing in a future Oculus update. For now, though, you can enjoy

Our top equipment picks

If you don't already have a good smartwatch or BLE-supported fitness tracker, there are some pretty simple, inexpensive models that'll get you connected and monitoring your heart rate in Supernatural.

Supernatural will give you an incredible at-home workout with excellent, daily curated playlists, virtual trainers coaching you to push through the next big challenge, and even zen days for when you've really committed yourself to the process. It might not replace everything you can do at a gym, but it'll certainly fill the gap and, because it's so much fun to play, will probably keep you coming back more regularly than a gym might.

Additional equipment

If you're planning on working out all the time, you might want to pick up a few accessories for your Oculus Quest 2 that'll keep your sweat from ruining a good time.

Amvr Quest 2 Silicone Cover

Amvr Quest 2 Silicone Cover (Image credit: AMVR)

AMVR Silicone covers for Quest 2 (opens in new tab) ($10 at Amazon)

AMVR's silicone covers slip over the Quest 2's absorbent foam facial interface and even have a unique texturized surface to help your skin breathe better.

Poshei Sports Headband

Poshei Sports Headband (Image credit: Poshei)

Poshei sports headband (opens in new tab) ($13 at Amazon (4-pack))

Grab a pack of these sweat-absorbent headbands to keep sweat from flowing down your face and ruining those good workouts.

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