How to manually update your Nexus tablet to KitKat [updated]

With the right tools and a little knowledge, there's no need to wait for your OTA

Update: Nexus 7 (2012) link has been added. Get to flashing!

Update 2: And the Nexus 10 is now good to go.

The Android 4.4 update has started rolling out to the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets around the world. But if your tablet has yet to receive the update, then don't despair — we've got a quick walkthrough that'll get you updated in a few minutes, assuming you've got a little experience with a command line.

Note that this is for stock Nexus tablets, and for people who want to update without really doing any real hackery, but don't mind a little command line work. Nothing we do here is permanent, other than the update itself. If you've already flashed a custom recovery, you should be able to update manually using that, instead of our method. And with that...

Caution: This guide is intended for technically proficient users only. Proceed at your own risk. Dragons ahead, etc.

The prerequisites

  • A completely stock Nexus tablet running the latest build of Android 4.3
  • The latest version of the Android SDK installed
  • The OTA packages (those here are for Android 4.4): Nexus 7 (2012); Nexus 7 (2013); Nexus 10

Check past the break to see the full manual update process.

The process

  1. Place the update .zip package from Google in the Android SDK/platform-tools folder on your computer, but do not unzip it.
  2. On your Nexus, go to Settings > Development options and switch the toggle on. Then enable USB debugging under the "Debugging" menu group.
  3. Power down your tablet
  4. Start up the bootloader by holding down volume up, volume down and power on your tablet.
  5. When the menu loads, plug your Nexus into your computer.
  6. Use the volume up/down keys to navigate to "Recovery mode", then press the power button.
  7. When the Android with the red exclamation point appears, hold down power first, followed quickly by volume up. You should now see the recovery menu. 
  8. Use the volume up/down keys to select "apply update from ADB," then press power to select it.
  9. On your computer, open up a command prompt or terminal window.
  10. Using the command line, navigate to the Android SDK/platform-tools folder 
  11. On Windows, type:
    adb.exe sideload <the complete name of the OTA zip file you want to flash>
    ... or on Mac, type:
    ./adb-mac sideload <the complete name of the OTA zip file you want to flash>
    ... or on Linux, type: 
    ./adb sideload <the complete name of the OTA zip file you want to flash>
  12. The update should begin installing. When it's done, select "reboot system now."
  13. Enjoy some delicious KitKat
Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Mages, I hear its to best to bring your wand and cape, archers and knights fumble when exploring the dungeons. - Android Central App. Remember courage is contagious.
  • On it. XT1060 via Android Central App
  • Wouldn't it be easier to put the downloaded .zip file onto the device's /sdcard path, then boot into recovery & select flash zip. Skips the whole 'adb' part, which can be frustrating for a lot of people to get the finicky USB drivers working.
  • True, but this guide is specifically for people who haven't flashed a custom recovery.
  • You can use WugFresh's Nexus Toolkit to revert back to stock recovery if you have a custom recovery flashed. Very easy to use.
  • You can use WugFresh's Nexus Toolkit to revert back to stock recovery if you have a custom recovery flashed. Very easy to use.
  • How do you get the option to select flash zip? I only have the option to apply update from ADB.
  • The option to select the zip to flash is only for those who have a custom recovery installed. If you do not, just follow the above instructions and you will be fine.
  • I did the same and bricked my Nexus 7.
  • I don't see an sdcard pathlisted on the internal storage.? Any advice?
  • So when is the Update for Nexus 4 coming ???
  • When it comes... When it comes... Posted via Android Central App
  • Haha...Want it now,lol :-)
  • Does this have GEL?Its being reported on Google plus that after the update completes a sweep menu appears asking if you want the GEL launcher and after you open google now,downloads it
  • Can you put a link?
  • I hope this is true. I heard rumors of it not having the Google Experience launcher on the tablets.
  • It does not, but you can easily install the APK.
  • Hay guys just wondering does this wipe all data??
  • If installing by ADB sideload method, no, it will not wipe your data.
  • It shouldn't, it will run the same scripts as an OTA Posted via Android Central App
  • If you don't know how to wipe the data on your Android device, then best you not attempt to manually update it. Posted via Android Central App
  • Side loading 4.3 on the Nexus 4 and 10 caused play store issues. Anyone try this method and ran into issues? Posted via Android Central App
  • No problems here with 4.4 works as it should and no I didnt wipe and everything is the way it was before the update, no need to wipe an official sideload update folks as long as you are stock and not rooted it is the same as if you had accepted OTA.
  • You sure those issues weren't because of the "clear framework trick" people were doing to try to get the OTA faster?
  • I've done everything said step by step, but when I go to side load the file on the command prompt, I get the message "'adb.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." I've tried just adb sideload but that doesn't seem to work either. I had downloaded the latest SDK just then and installed the packegs with SDK manager.
  • You may of skipped step 10. Or did it wrong.
  • You may of skipped step 10. Or did it wrong.
  • Have you navigated to the platform-tools folder in cmd? Posted via Android Central App
  • You have to define adb first. Go to my computer-properties-advanced-define environment variables. Set the name as adb and location as C:/android/platform-tools or where ever platform tools you have installed. Sent from my White Nexus 4.
  • Or just simply put platform-tools in your path so it will always be there when opening a terminal... Posted via Android Central App
  • Will sideloading a non rooted N7 2013 format my device?
  • It shouldn't but its always good to have a backup ;) Sent from my White Nexus 4.
  • It will not wipe it. Worked perfectly on my Nexus 7. Posted via Android Central App
  • It's so funny about updates. I'm like you guys and dying to get the latest greatest software all the time. All of my friends though get mad when they have an update. Some will never install it unless it finally makes them. Posted via Nexus 5
  • It doesn't help that Windows 8 completely forgets the ADB process every time and you have to start from scratch with new drivers every time you've used more than one nexus on the same PC.
  • Looks like the only update that is actually pushing out is the Nexus 7 2013 WiFi. Anyone gotten the update for either the Nexus 10 or the 2012 Nexus 7? Kind of suspect it's going to take close to a week for everyone to get Kit Kat on these devices and the Nexus 4 won't see it until after that sometime. The "several weeks" comment that Google made about Kit Kat rolling out to other devices was clearly aimed at the Nexus 4, wouldn't surprise me if the Nexus 4 doesn't get it until December.
  • Well I have the 2013 N7 and haven't gotten it yet... It's weird, Google should allow those who actually care about the update just be able to hit the update button and update. Those who don't care as much or don't know about it should get it last.
  • Thanks for this. Easy, tho I had to reacquaint myself with DOS my commands. It had been awhile.
  • i cant seem to get into the bootloader? does it need to be unlocked before i can gain access? i am new to this so i am unsure
  • Jerry mistakenly said the Up Volume AND Down Volume buttons. For the Nexus 2013, it's just the Down Volume button and press the power button for 2 sec or so.
  • Lame. Can't do this on Server 2012 R2. Computer wont install a driver for the nexus 7 in sideload mode. Can we just rename it to and install it that way? Or I guess I could just wait >.<
  • I'm having the same problem with Windows 7.
  • I wonder if it's a 64bit driver problem. Anyone completed this on 64bit Windows 7/8?
  • I just did the update from my win7-64 machine with no problems
  • Turns out the inf file didn't have the correct device ID for the new nexus. So after adding the correct ID, and rebuilding the .cat file, creating a temp cert, and disabling driver signing, it worked. Lot of trouble for not a lot of change. Dayframe is prettier though :-P
  • Worked like a charm, thanks guys Posted via Android Central App #HOLOYOLO
  • Can someone please elaborate on how to perform Step 10? Everything else seems straightforward. Posted via Android Central App
  • Be sure you have the Android SDK installed on your computer. Go to the platform-tools folder. You can start a command window here by holding shift and right clicking the folder - then click "open command window here". Now you can start with your adb commands. I always start with the command - adb devices - to make sure everything is working correctly Posted via Android Central App #HOLOYOLO
  • Right, and when it's not--device list empty--you can waste a whole lot of time trying to fix. My PC has no idea what to make of my Nexus 4 or 7 (2012). Haven't found a solution. Maybe I should just completely uninstall the SDK and start over in case the version I brought out of mothballs and updated today is the culprit. Though if I can't find drivers to recognize the devices at baseline, can I blame the SDK? Posted via Android Central App on Nexus 4
  • this may help
  • that was the best mot clear advice ever
    thank you
  • Anyone else having trouble getting this to load? I'm rooted and unlocked on a WiFi '13 N7 and I'm trying to install it through recovery. I've tried CWM and TWRP and downloaded the package 3 times. It keeps failing. Posted via Android Central App
  • Same. Tried CWM and TWRP. CWM error is:
    "EMMC: /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/boot ...." has unexpected contents.
    E: Error in /tmp/
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted
  • I've tried renaming the file to "". I've tried installing from SD card.
    What the hell?
  • Same problem here. Any solution yet?
  • Same status 7 error here on 7 2013. I tried a bunch of tricks I found online to no avail, including sig verification toggle, editing a script file, renaming the file and a couple more. Still, status 7. Would suck to have to revert back to factory stock and getting OTA that way. But finding no other options. I tried beeing rooted and unrooted. I am unlocked. OTA downloaded fine. Started in stall, rebooted into recovery awaiting a prompt from me. Found the file and continued install until I got status 7 error.
  • me too. And I just found out that they purposely changed the files in 4.4 so you cannot sideload it when rooted because of the partitions. I had to unroot.
  • Do you know if it's possible to unroot so the ota flash can go successfully? I have stock rooted 4.3_JWR66Y and I dont want to wipe and apply the 4.4 Kitkat ota.
  • I can't get this to work, period. As soon as I enter Recovery Mode, I lose driver support in Windows 7 (and, thus, connection through ADB).
  • Did you confirm ADB was working correctly before entering recovery? Try the command - adb devices - before you go into recovery to make sure it list your nexus 7 Posted via Android Central App #HOLOYOLO
  • I did, but thanks for the tip. It works when booted into the OS. It works when in the bootloader. It does NOT work when booted into Recovery mode.
  • Same happened with me. Updated/reinstalled the driver, worked. But now facing a problem after the command for sideloading part, installation aborted status 7 unexpected content
  • Same issue here. Win 7 driver is good up until I enter Recovery. If anyone has suggestions I'd love to hear it.
  • It's a bit of extra effort but it did the trick.
  • i'll give it a shot. Thx!!
  • Worked for me too. Appreciate the assist!
  • This fixed the driver issue. Not sure why they would have left out the proper device ID?
  • This let me connect to my Nexus 4 in recovery! Thanks so much for the link!
  • Well, I've had it with this driver BS. I've fought with this for an hour. I used those instructions and now it will recognize the device in pre-recovery boot menu, when I go into recovery, it stops recognizing the N7. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, updated software of drivers....what a piece of junk system this is. I have the Nexus 7 (2012). I've read countless articles about how to get it to recognize and nothing has worked. Thanks fer nuttin' google. By far the worst experience I've had with an Android device and I'm not a novice at this.
  • Same here. I am on Win7 64bit and I get the same problem. Please let me know if you find a fix and I will do the same.
  • I had the exact same problem and then I found this article. Get your device to the install from ADB screen and then follow Step 3 to install the drivers for "Android Composite ADB Interface".
  • What I'm getting is that when I go to recovery, I get "no command" underneath the triangle. I am normally pretty alright with this kind of thing. But unable to get any further. Help would be appreciated
  • Absolute awesomesauce, cheers man. Hopefully the guys here will update the post with that.
  • If you're using the latest mac SDK, there's no adb-mac (at least not in the one I downloaded today).
  • What do you mean, theres no adb-mac? I have the latest sdk.
    name here-iMac:platform-tools my name sideload
    -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'
  • dont type "adb-mac" just type adb
  • i did that, installed sdk (I'm assuming I have after clicking on the file), navigated to the directory, and typed in "./adb sideload still getting -bash: syntax error near unexpected token 'newline'. Am I missing a step?
  • oop nevermind. i got it. haha. it's already posted down below, but JIC, make sure that you're device isn't in the recovery mode for too long before you start sending over the update through terminal. and also the file name doesn't need to be in between the < & >. JIC people made the same mistake as i did.
  • Jerry, for the Nexus 2013 you only hold Vol-Down, holding both up and down will not work. Just figured you'd like to correct this for the first timers :)
  • Should have reloaded my page to see this before I posted the same thing right below hahaha oh well
  • Didn't take the time to scroll through and see if it was already there, but to get into Bootloader, all you need it VOLUME DOWN + POWER, not both volume keys. Thank goodness for Cyanogen Mod's website being awesome and telling me that :) UPDATING NOW!!!
  • Was going to post the same thing that the instructions in the post were wrong. Thought my Nexus was messed up since holding both volume up and down with the power button freezes it. The only way out is to hold the power button for 15 seconds.
  • Im on a mac and I cant adb sideload "
  • If you did not create an environment variable for adb, you need to navigate to the folder and use ./adb instead of just adb.
  • I'll be trying this tonight. Thanks guys.
  • After sideloading the Nexus 7 (2013) zip file I got an error: Now send the package you want to apply
    to the device with "adb sideload "...
    Finding update package...
    Opening update package...
    Verifying update package...
    E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.
  • I think this error might be due to me having a Nexus 7 (2013) LTE.
  • NEXUS 2012 --> W/ 3G Everything works until it tries to install and then I get the same error: Now send the package you want to apply
    to the device with "adb sideload "...
    Finding update package...
    Opening update package...
    Verifying update package...
    E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.
  • Did you ever figure this out? Getting the same error.
  • anyone?same problem here...
    please help
  • Worked great heat. Booting into KK as I type this.
  • nvm what i said, on mac u have to do ./adb devices then ./adb sideload
  • Does the bootloader need to be unlocked for this to work? My Nexus 7 (2013) won't even boot into the bootloader. The screen just goes black until I restart the tablet as normal. EDIT: Follow the above tips on just using power and volume down to get to bootloader.
  • I found first that I could not get into the bootloader with the power/volUp/volDown, so I looked online and found that If you have the Android ADT tools installed that you can do the command line option of "./adb reboot bootloader" command (mac and linux), or "adb.exe reboot bootloader" (win). This will dump you into "Step 5." But as soon as I ran that command, while in Win7, and USB Debugging on, I had to authorize my computer on the N7's screen. So I did this, and then found that once in the bootloader and selected the recovery mode, that unlike what it says in "Step 7", I had to repeatedly press power and volUp to get the recovery options. Once "update from ADB" was selected, pressed power, I realized that Win7 no longer wanted to comm with the N7. So I gave up and booted my PC into Ubuntu to try my luck there. So I then made the first mistake of leaving the N7 in the state where it was waiting for ADB (in the recovery mode), and then tried to type in "./adb sideload" at the linux shell (in the appropriate directory as layed out for us here). I got a permission error. Typing in "./adb devices" showed a bunch of "???????", and there was my permission error. Remembering that when the N7 was booted, and I tried to do the adb bootloader command from Win7 I got an accept this computer dialog on the N7, I booted the N7 back up, and tried the "adb reboot bootloader" again from linux and got that same dialog again and finally authorized the Ubuntu install I'm using. When I got back to the recovery mode, I typed in the shell "./adb devices" and it showed a device name in hex (I guess), meaning that I was able to see the N7 finally. Then I just typed in the "./adb sideload" command again, and it finally took. Hope this helps some of you even though I know most of you probably don't have a linux machine/install going. But there is definitely a problem with Win7, even if you have drivers installed properly. NOTE: 4.4 Booted up while I wrote this, no Google Experience Launcher that I can see. Oh well. At least it booted up!
  • when (on linux machines) adb get you permission error, the quick/dirty way to do it is just run it as root. >> sudo bash
    >> ./adb kill-server
    >> ./adb devices => and it shows there the device number
  • Thats what I needed. I kept getting the permission error, tried this and now kit kat is going on my 2012 Nexus7
  • Did everything and it says abd is connected. when i type in my file adb.exe sideload and i type my file it says error: closed
  • Were you able to find the source of this error? b/c im getting the same one..
  • Please post a resolution for this problem if you have one.
  • Here is an excellent guide on how to use adb sideload in windows for any of you having issues. This goes into more detail. Cheers for the links Jerry. Posted via Android Central App
  • Nexus 7 (2012)... GIVE ME THE FILE!!!! :(
  • Agreed need zip file for my precious Posted via Android Central App
  • I don't think the upgrade for the 2012 has actually been released despite Google's tweet last night. Haven't found anybody that has received the update for a 2012 Nexus 7, there are no binaries available, and the images are not there. Strike 1, 2, and 3... It's probably won't be released for several days or weeks... Nexus 4 hopefully by Christmas, but wouldn't bet on it. Google seems to be having "issues" for whatever reasons with getting the Nexus updates out in a timely manner this go around.
    Nexus 7 2012 (Wi-Fi) Saw it in XDA ;)
  • ok so i did adb kill -server than adb start-server it connects . when i type in adb devices it shows emulator- 5554 device i than try the sideload and it says error device not found
  • How come this update does not look like kitkat on Nexus5? still see the widgets in the apps menu and long press does not bring me the new menu, icons are sized the same than before.
  • The Google Experience was not included.... an APK is floating around to add it though.
  • Thanks Ashram, after doing some searching looks like the Google Experience is only included in the Nexus 5 so far which is a bit sad considering that a bunch of GUI twinks are part of it and does not come out of the box with KitKat 4.4
  • successfully sideloaded the update and now have 4.4 what major improvements are there on the Nexus 7 (2013) over 4.3??! I don't see too much.
  • Just saw this in XDA:
    Nexus 7 2012 Wi-Fi
  • Got me by 3 minutes LOL
  • Holy mother of God...That was a b!tch to deal with. After realizing I have to add some code to the driver file to recognize the device, it finally worked!
  • What's the code you're referring to cos I keep getting the "device not found" error?
  • I attempted to add hardware IDs my PC is seeing when the Nexus 7 is in recovery mode to the inf file, but I don't really know what I'm doing...and it didn't help. Posted via Android Central App on Nexus 4
  • Man............I had the same problem! Windows XP would see my Nexus 7 (2012) through the command "adb devices", but once I got into recovery it wouldn't show it as a connected device. AND whenever I got into recovery device manager kept coming up trying to install drivers and couldn't find the right ones. I had to edit the hardware ID in the "android_winusb.inf" file. This link was what helped me. ARGH!!! That took me a couple hours of searching around. Glad to be rolling with KitKat on my N7 though! :-)
  • Fu*king brackets!!! Why didn't you write that I shouldn't input them too!? Spend an hour to get that. I know this is my fault, but anyway you may now quit reading my post-Post forum signature :)
  • Fu*king brackets!!! Why didn't you write that I shouldn't input them too!? Spend an hour to get that. I know this is my fault, but anyway you may now quit reading my post-Post forum signature :)
  • Cool,
    Thanks for the help Jerry. It's always feeling being a genious when you have help... lol...
    Followed your procedure listening the White album.
    Saw the first boot listening to Back in U.S.S.R.... Quite a good feeling...
    Got it root, and seem to work very well will ChainFire latest and TWRP (latest)...
    Thanks again... I'm a huge (!!!) fan...
  • Strange... When I noted the version number of the software I got that notice: This post has been automatically been marked as spam. Please revise your comment to either remove links and/or references to money. If you are still having problem, please e-mail site support and include a copy of the comment
  • Thanks. Worked fine for me. No transparent launcher but like the new lock/touch sounds. Have to get used to the new statusbar colors.
    Keep up the good work. Posted via Android Central App
  • Does it have the GEL launcher? if you swipe left you get the google now screen?
  • Nope. I sideloaded that to. Posted via Android Central App
  • Use gravity box for the transparent nav and staus bar
  • Link for the Nexus 10 (from xda-developers, haven't confirmed myself yet):
  • I cannot get the hidden menu in stock recovery to show up after hitting volume down > then quickly hitting volume up. Anyone else?
  • I have done it without any trouble. First hold power button down, while still holding the power down, tap once the volume up button. Then the menu comes out to select update from adb among other choices.
  • Just saw this on XDA - Nexus 10 OTA link I just pulled from logcat:
  • Not to be mean but, I don't think 2102 has happened yet. Posted via Android Central App
  • Just used this process to update my N7 2012, Thanks Jerry.
  • I think I can wait a day or so. There aren't any earth shattering changes so whenever I get it is fine with me.
  • Actually as a KitKat user on the Nexus 5, I have to say that 4.4 is a huge step forward from 4.3. 4.3 was/is great, but 4.4 seems to be so solid when compared. Regardless whether you wait it out or manually update, you WILL see and notice a difference.
  • Sadly it seems the 2012 did not get the whole 4.4 advantages.
    I can't use "ok google" on the home screen, I don't have the new launcher. I don't get full screen even in the google apps etc'
    I did however notice faster response times.
  • Damn that sucks. I haven't completed the update, ran in to a status 7 error so had to wipe cache and start over. Should be done shortly and will check it out. Wish we got the full 4.4 but as long as it at least brings on better performance, that's better than nothing I guess. :-)
  • Send me a pm and I can send you the links for getting all the 4.4 advantages. They are coming ;)
  • Will an OTA update de-root a rooted device? Will I have to setup everything again? Ta. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yes and no. For me, TWRP and CWM have always offered to retain root access after installing the update. I just installed the in CWM (couldn't wait for the OTA) and reinstalled the SuperSU .zip *before rebooting*. When I booted up, I was running KitKat with my SuperSU root access still intact.
  • Tried this method with TWRP, but it fails. What am I doing wrong?
  • Same, does not work with TWRP.
  • Where would I get the file?
  • No provlem. Found it at Chainfires home site. Just being lazy...
  • YES! Thanks for the updated links Jerry! Updating my N7 2012 as we speak. :-)
  • I assume this does not apply to the lte version?
  • Worked so much easier than I expected! Dropped the into my Downloads folder, installed it via CWM, reinstalled the SuperSU .zip to retain root access, and voila, my beloved Nexus 7 runs on KitKat. A little miffed though that not only did google skip the Experience Launcher for the Nexus 7, but also updating the app drawer icon/page scroller as well as leaving out the setting to manage installed launchers. Nova Beta it is for me!
  • Nexus 7 2102?? Whoa, man. Can't believe that's only just now getting KitKat. :P
  • Don't know if it is placebo or not, but my Nexus 10 feels faster Posted via Android Central App
  • How do you get the N10 t accept an update via ADB in recovery? Holding power and up just reboots for me, holding power and down puts it in download mode and ADB can't see it. EDIT: Got it. Right combo just held it too long. Doesn't help that I can't ever tell which button is up and which one is down in the bootloader/recovery!
  • I was able to sideload the zip, but then I get this before it updates Warning: No file_contextsVerifying current system Then it say patching....
    Upacking.... Then
    E:Error in /tmp/
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted Anybody else get this? How did you fix it?
  • I got that too but i dont know what to do
  • I just updated my fine. But I had to restore to stock first. Then the install went perfectly. So far seems a lot smoother. All the normal Play Store app install fine, root OK, but tweaks from expose is not working Posted via Android Central App
  • I going to put the whole log here
    Restarting adbd...
    Finding update package...
    Opening update package...
    Installing update...
    Warning: No file_contextsVerifying current system...
    Removing uneeded files...
    Patching system files...
    Patching boot image...
    Unpacking new files...
    Unpacking new recovery...
    Symlinks and permissions...
    set_metadate_recursive: some changes failed
    E:Error in /tmp/
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted. Any advice on what I should do from here? Thanks
  • See my comment a few posts down Posted via Android Central App
  • Great . Thanks worked great for Nexus 7 2012 Posted via Android Central App
  • When I type in the command it says "the syntax of the command is incorrect" can anyone help me out?
  • Are you typing the command after navigating the the platform-tools folder?
  • worked like a charm on my new nexus 7 2013 and on my friend's nexus 7 2012 without any fuss
  • Anyone have any ideas about why I might be getting error:device not found on step 11? I can reboot the bootloader just fine from the command prompt.
  • I had the same error, and needed to manually install ADB drivers. Worked like a charm after installing. Google Koush Universal ADB (Android Debug Bridge) Driver for Windows
  • THANK YOU!!!! Win 8 was being a tool and would not let me install any other drivers this was the only thing to fix mine but up and running enjoying that kit kat goodness !
  • If drivers dont fix it, make sure you turn off the option where it mounts the device as a media device.
  • Just noticed I have JSS15J on my 2013 N7. Anyone have any idea why I never got the 15R OTA? I'm guessing that's why 4.4 won't install...
  • You modify anything? If not, just manually update to the latest 4.3 and go from there. Posted via Android Central App
  • Followed the directions and it worked perfectly.
    Well, perfectly after I manually installed the android adb driver.
  • Followed Jerrys tutorial to the letter and was not able to do it as I'm sure there were lots of steps left out. Where's the idiots guide to doing this?
  • Worked perfectly. Thanks for the tip!
  • apparently, adb sideload is not on whatever version of the android SDK I have. I'm now extracting the 1.1 GB file onto my hard drive, at 640k/second. I'll probably get the notification before this thing finishes extracting.
  • Anyone beside me notice there is no option to switch to art in the development settings after updating to 4.4???
  • Piece of shit... Save yourself a couple of hours! What I had to do coming from Vanir Rom (Nexus 2012).... Update Wugs Toolkit
    Check USB debugging in developers options
    Change storage from MTP to PTP (under storage -> settings)
    Revert back to 4.3 JWR66V
    Update to 4.3 JWR66Y
    Check USB debugging in developers options
    Change storage from MTP to PTP (under storage -> settings)
    Re-root and re-install TWRP
    Recovery -> Advanced -> Adb sideload
    On computer (hold shift, right click) platform tools -> Open command window here Then it finally worked (2 hours later) smh
  • Just bought a brand new 2013 nexus 7 today. Tried side loading the update using adb and I'm getting a finger print error involving my version of 4.3 which is jwr66n. Is this not the current version? No updates are available it says Posted via Android Central App
  • OK, I was NOT rooted and was running JB JWR66Y when I ran the update and STILL ran into the status 7 error. When you get that, you end up booting into recovery mode no matter what. If that happens to you, download the image your were on, extract the system.img from it and zip it by itself. Now download the Wugfresh utility and use it to flash the new zip you created. To get back into boot loader when stuck in recovery, just hold the power button until the screen goes blank and when it does, keep your finger on the power button while holding down both up/down volume buttons. After flashing the zip, you'll be back to normal and try flashing the update again. Worked for me on the second try. Good luck fighting them dragons! Posted via Android Central App
  • try the steps in google help - this is more aprop
  • Problem with the Google steps is that it wipes your tablet clean, the solution I posted didn't and all my apps and personal info was untouched. Posted via Android Central App
  • I found that I was using an old version of the SDK that did not support sideloading. I had to download the newest version, unzip it and place where my old SDK files were. I placed the in the new platform-tools folder and the installation went off perfectly.
  • Mother of God that was a pain to do when I have never used terminal....shitty directions if you are a Mac user but I overcame that lol. Its patching system files as I type this. Should be good to go I guess!?
  • Oh yeah also...rename the zip file. It's a shit ton easier to type in prompt when it's something like Posted via Android Central App on my AT&T Galaxy S4
  • Will it factory reset my tab too?? Posted via Android Central App
  • Step 4 is definitely wrong for my 2013 Nexus 7. I spent about 15 mins before I realized that it was just volume up + power until I see the android + "no command" screen. Then there is an additional step, call it step 4.5, I just have to click the volume up by itself until I see the menu appear.
  • So, I guess that nexus 7 owners don't get the new launcher that's found in the nexus 5... Posted via my Nexus 7
  • You can download it from play already :)
  • What is it called. I cant find it
  • Thanks, just used it on my $59 refurb 2012 Nexus 7 from walmart which arrived today :) Now I just need a factory image so I don't have to sideload twice, for 4.2.2->4.3 and 4.3->4.4
  • Is this ROM official from Google??
    I won't lose warranty and i will be able to update through system settings or i have to do sideloading everytime??? Posted via Android Central App
  • Nexus 7 2102? Whooaaa! 1024k screen is awesome, the tablet is blazing fast with its 768 tb RAM and 128 core 4,4 ghz snapdragon 10z^3. If only 5400 mah battery could last longer that 1 day of use...
  • Status 7 here also... Here is some info on it. Sucks the big one because my 8 hour old N7 has touchscreen retardation. = /
  • I have been hearing reports that the OTA doesn't include the GEL on 2012 Nexus 7. I used this meathod and have the GEL? What's the difference between this sideloaded zip w/ GEL and the OTA without GEL? Thanks in advance,
  • I suppose Google will support nexus 7 till year 2102:P. They've already published that image.
  • Where have they published it? EDIT-Saw the joke.LOL
  • Worked like a charm! Thanks Jerry! I was getting tired of trying the Google Services Framework trick.
  • Who doesn't run 64 bit windows nowadays?
  • At least on the Nexus 7 (2012) you have to rename the file "" or adb won't read it properly. Just flashed it myself on a pure, stock, unrooted, locked bootloader N7 (2012) and we're running Kit Kat now just fine, thank you very much. Note that this method definitely DOES NOT wipe user data.
  • I usually have luck with doing this but not this time. I keep getting "device not found". Wonder what I'm doing wrong... Posted via Android Central App
  • it happened to me too.
    what i did to have it list my device was, that if you have your tablet plugged in to your PC, allow USB debuggin, and from right there in your cmd/terminal, test to list your device [adb devices], if it shows right there, youre on. Just type and enter the command you want to run, it'll say [waiting on device], right there you want to press on your tablet [power, vol+ and vol -] until your tablet restart, wait until you see the bootloader screen [the repair android screen] and you will see that the command you typed will run without a problem. i concluded that the adb thing, didnt get to list my device when i was in the bootloader screen, go figure why? hope this helps
  • When I type into the cmd, nothing happens on my nexus 7 2012, non rooted...
  • same thing here man. How did you resolve the issue Can u please help
  • Can't believe I still haven't received the ota on my nexus 7 2013 I'm getting tempted to try this . Posted via Android Central App
  • Ok, so I've got the 2012 Nexus 7. Successfully side-loaded and rebooted. Version is showing 4.4 - BUT - everything looks like 4.3? I'm not seeing any changes in terms of interface or layout or wallpaper or anything. What am I missing? I must be missing something. :D EDIT: Found the answer:
  • Can someone help me. When I send the file over via adb. It starts to install but then gets an error and stops. it says verification failed and terminates the install. What am i doing wrong and where is the .zip. Is the .zip inside the .tgz file that google released?
  • hey please help anybody i get this msg Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.31 but installation doesnt start on the device. I am in ubuntu 13.10
  • Hey, so I got a weird one. In my settings menu, I have no entry for developer options under system. This is a stock 2012 Nexus 7 with latest 4.3 update. The only entries I have are Date & Time, Accessibility and About Tablet. Any ideas. I really want to try loading the 4.4 update. Thanks!
  • you have to tap 7 times on "Build Number" to get the Developer options to appear.
  • Mike: Thanks a lot. I thought at first you were joking but it worked like a champ! Thanks, again!
  • I'm getting E;Signature verfication---
    Installation aborted How do I fix this? I'm so close to installing.
  • I got that too! Tried it on a mac for my nexus 4. For mac it is not adb-mac just adb by the way.
  • I'm getting the same thing! :( I've read that using clockwork recovery mod allows you to disable signature verification but there is no way to do it in stock recovery. Very irritating. None of us would have to bother with this shit if google would actually roll out the OTA update instead of just saying they are! >:(
  • I had the same error E: Signature verification failed--installation aborted on my Nexus 10, but I found out what did it for me. It was the factory image (OTA package) I had to install Kitkat that was giving me this issue. I originally tried to install the Google-given OTA package from Google Developers page, and that sh*t was the problem. Try using the OTA package given here in the beginning of the article. If that doesn't work, then find another place to get it. After I used a different OTA package than the one here, so I don't know if the error is coming from this OTA package as well. Now, I'm gonna go enjoy all this KitKat goodness yo! Good luck!
  • Same thing happened to me as well. OTA package given here worked.
  • My turn... when trying to side load the update, I get an error message in terminal that it "cannot read" whatever I name the file, tried as mentioned above. I've downloaded the OTA file several times now but still cannot read? any ideas.
  • Put the platform-tools folder off of the Root of your HD in a folder called Nexus 7, then be sure the zip file is in that Dir too, I renamed mine to and it worked like a charm; seems to have been way too long of a path name when I Unzipped the SDK package into it's zip's default name; platform-tools
    renamed that long butt zip file:
    from dos prompt:
    adb devices (this will show a list of devices attached)
    hex decimal number and on same line it will say sideload
    IF it says unauthorized, you need to get the nexus in ready mode again
    Then type:
    adb.exe sideload
  • hello Joe,
    im having an issue that i hope you can help me with. im stuck on an error that says *cannot read '' * ive tried adb devices and i get my serial number and sideload. so im assuming that my adb is working. i just can not figure out how i get the file to read. any info would be of great help as im sure android isnt releasing kit kat anytime soon. thanks in advance.
  • To get over this problem this is what I did. Downloaded a Universal ADB Driver google for one. Go to the platform tools folder. Move it from the Root hdd. (I moved mine to the desktop for simplicity). open the folder hold sift and right click and open the command prompt. Drag the adb file into the command prompt type sideload put a space then drag and drop the file (Named mine KitKat) into the command prompt and hit enter. Everything should work out from there. P.S. the Image from the google developers site does seem to work I recommend getting it elsewhere.
  • It kept giving me the error that it couldn't read it until I renamed it and then still wouldn't take it until I put in 'adb sideload'. Worked like a charm.
  • One big question: Did i need a special update package? The one from Google are factory images, that ends with tgz. The provided links above are zip files. I tried this for my N4. Must i wait for a N4 update zip? Can someone please explain, factory image = OTA ???
  • After two failed attempts, even after following the instructions to the letter nothing worked. I've even tried the renaming the .zip to and still nothing. I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro x64. I don't know if it's anything to do with the fact that the only version of the SDK I can find is the adt Buundle, but I can't seem to find the old style stand alone SDK Installer anymore.
  • For those that have that receive device not found with ADB trying to sideload the update, I've found a fix for that. (Windows 8, I don't know if this works on Windows 7, but try it and let me know.) Steps: Install the drivers that come with your SDK or download them here: Get your device ready to receive update from ADB, then right click on "Computer", Select Properties then device manager. You should see your Nexus show up with a triangle, indicating that drivers have not been installed. Right click on Nexus 7 or which ever Nexus you have, click properties, select update driver, browse my computer for driver software, then click on let me pick from a list..., a Window will pop up with where you can select your device type, select ADB Interface, then click next, you'll be taken to a screen where you can select a Model, click on ADB Interface (or ADB Testing Interface), click next, you'll get a warning message from Windows, click yes anyway and your driver will be installed. Test it by opening a shell and typing "adb get-serialno", you should see your Nexus' serial number. Then proceed to sideload your update, enjoy! Lemuel Boyce
    Twitter: @rhymiz
  • Worked on Windows 7 too. Thanks
  • Thanks so much! I was struggling for the longest time with this. I thought I had the drivers on with Windows 8.1 Pro, but your steps were required and it worked fantastically. Now rocking Kitkat 4.4!
  • Bravo! That's exactly what I needed. I had been struggling with this all week.
  • Thanks for posting. Your fix resolved the problem for me. Worked like a champ!
  • You're the man! This is perfect!
  • Great advice - was on the verge of giving up with side loading on my Nexus 4 and waiting for the OTA update - couldn't be bothered with advice around modifying the INF file and rebooting windows 8 in a different mode etc. Tried your tip - straight in - no problems. Many thanks.
  • Just manually updated my tablet..... everything went smoothly and my Nexus 7(2012) is now running on KitKat:D:D:D....loving it Posted via Android Central App
  • Worked great!! Thanks Jerry
  • can someone help me with step 7. i try holding power and volume up but it just goes back to the android with red exclamation or it will show the charging symbol.
  • HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! MY 2013 NEXUS 7 HASN"T EVEN GOTTEN IT YET. ITS A 32GB WIFI MODEL WHY GOOGLE!!!!?!?!??! Seriously though... Why don't I have the 4.4 update to my 2013 n7 yet?
  • I'm dense. Took me a while to figure out the N7 2012 package linked above is the smallish KitKat PATCH, not the full KitKat update. I got Status 7 errors because I first needed to update to 4.4. Same procedure, different zip file. Once I installed 4.4 (which went fine), the tablet "found" the patch update and prompted me to install it on the first restart.
  • OK I'm sick of the battery being run down, how do I use the .TGZ file from Google?
  • Ok my Nexus 7 2013 has a custom kernel and recovery on it. Is it safe to sideload?
  • OK I got my Nexus 7 2013 32gb back onto stock 4.3 runs great! NOW the darn things keeps prompting me to install kitkak 4.4 that it already d/l; I keep ignoring it but would like to get rid of it....kitkat 4.4 SUCKS big time, I can't even get through all full day with it just sitting idle; sits idle for 5+ days on 4.3
  • I tried to sideload it via adb but error opening package :( It says "verification error" anyone knows how to fix asap? thank you.
  • Is anyone going to answer the question about using tgz? Google is providing the image in tgz format, but everyone keeps instructing people to sideload a zip file. Do you unzip the tgz file first and sideload the zip file or sideload the tgz file?
  • Ive been @ this for 2 hours and keep getting a "error closed" when using adb to upgrade. Help TIA
  • #7 "When the Android with the red exclamation point appears, hold down power first, followed quickly by volume up. You should now see the recovery menu." FOLLOWED QUICKLY BY PRESSING THE VOLUME UP ONCE! Edit it!
  • To install this I need to unlock the bootloader, so a factory reset will be made automaticaly, right?
  • This does not work. It keeps saying that there is no device installed, when I try the sideload step.
  • The < and > used in the instructions are not to be used in the command line, as I found. (Just to clarify, and to save someone like me the trouble).
    I guess they're like the "quote" signs used in programming or some other... So,it is the name if the Posted via Android Central App
  • No go for me too "no device installed".
  • worked perfectly on my Nexus 5, dont have to wait for Sprint to push 4.4.1 lol, so easy - thank you!
  • This fails on a stock Nexus 5 from the play store. Using USBView.exe (from MSDN: ) I see the following. When my phone is booted normally, it shows in USBView as VID18D1 PID4EE2; and Device manager shows it as "Android Composite ADB Interface". Typing "adb devices -l" results in this: ------------------------------------
    14:53 c:\etc\android\sdk\platform-tools>adb devices -l
    List of devices attached
    033f44d3093f2e61 device product:hammerhead model:Nexus_5 device:hammerhead 14:53 c:\etc\android\sdk\platform-tools>
    ------------------------------------ When I go into recovery mode, following the above instructions, the phone is no longer visible in USBView, it does not show in device manager, and executing the "adb sideload" command results in: ------------------------------------
    14:56 c:\etc\android\sdk\platform-tools>adb sideload
    error: device not found 14:56 c:\etc\android\sdk\platform-tools>adb devices -l
    List of devices attached 14:56 c:\etc\android\sdk\platform-tools>
    ------------------------------------ Any ideas how I should proceed?
  • Update. Can't edit the above, so adding a reply. Got this fixed using the info on this blog: To anyone else looking in, if you do this, the Windows device driver installer will complain about the drivers being unsigned, you can safely ignore the warning in this case. In the extremely unlikely event that anyone from Google is looking in, you might want to update the .inf file to reflect this change to the idProduct value when the device goes into restore / sideload mode, and reapply for WHQL qualification. Manually banging the .inf file does solve the problem, but needless to say the signature in the .cat file no longer matches, leading to the unsigned driver complaint.
  • Hello i need your help!!!!! I had a nexus 7 2013 rooted running the 4.3 version then the 4.4 came and i upgraded, then the 4.4.2... But know when i go to my superuser it says that the binairy is not install ... So i wanted to go back to my Factory image.. But when i am tryng to go in to bootloader nothing appends, i press volume up and dow and the power botton and the screen stays the same :( PLS HELP ME
  • Just installed 4.4.3 on Nexus 5 stock using download and guide provided here and didn't encounter any issues. (ran ADB on Win 7 32 bit)
  • No need to install everything if you go here!
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