How up-to-date is the software on your Samsung Galaxy phone?

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus (Image credit: Android Central)

For anyone that considers themself to be a big Android fan, the topic of fragmentation is one you've likely talked or read about at one point or another. The open-source nature of Android is what allows for such a wide variety of different phones, but it's also the reason why so many of them still aren't running Android 10 or are on outdated security patches.

Some companies are better about updating their devices than others, with the most popular Android manufacturer — Samsung — really stepping up to the plate lately to try and do better in these regards.

We sent Jerry Hildenbrand into the AC forums to conduct a little experiment, asking people with Samsung phones the following questions:

  • What model of Samsung phone do you have?
  • What country do you live in?
  • What version of Android is your phone running?
  • What's the date on your security patch?

Here's how some of our members responded:

Note 10+ unlocked on tmobile USA Android 10 /One UI 2.1 May 1 2020 security patch Knox ? Secure folder ? Samsung pay? Yes to those


Galaxy S10e on Verizon USA Android 10/One UI 2.1 April 1st 2020 Security Patch Not really?


Device: Galaxy S9 on (locked) AT&T. Location: USA Software: One UI 2 (Android 10) Security Patch: April 1, 2020. Knox: Not really. Only use PIN lock.


Galaxy S10 US/T-Mobile Android 10/One UI 2.1 April patch No Knox usage worth mentioning


Now, we want to hear from you! How up-to-date is the software on your Samsung Galaxy phone?

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Joe Maring

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  • Note 10+ U.S. unlocked One UI 2.1 May
  • S20+ T Mobile in the USA still on April security patch.
  • Unlocked Note 8 still on Mar 2020 security update.
  • US unlocked S10+ on T-Mobile, running One UI 2.1 and on the May security patch.
  • One two three.
  • Plagued is a little extreme. Only techies care, the average consumer doesn't. I cannot say I care. Android 8,9, 10 are all basically the same anyway.
  • Galaxy S20, T-Mobile, Android 10, April security patch
  • Samsung S9 on T-Mobile with Android 10 with March security patch. Samsung UI 2.0. Utilize knox with secure folder for all banking and financial apps. Also use Blackberry Black Edition KeyOne purchased new in Jan '19. It's on Android Oreo 8.1 with April '19 patch. Use Microsoft Edge browser and Blokada. I utilize the Locker app for financial apps on it. Honestly there's no real differences as far as user experience and app functionality (all are updated through GPS). Only real up front is my BlackBerry lacking a system wide "dark mode" but all of apps generally have it as does the BlackBerry HUB so I am all good.
  • S10+ unlocked on AT&T network, One UI 2. on Security Patch May. US.
  • Samsung S10 US unlocked, One UI 2.1 May update. Samsung is stepping up
  • I have the May security update only six days after it came out. Its been slow getting there but Samsung has improved massively with updates in the last few years. Vodaphone UK, S10 +.