How to contact MetroPCS

Best MetroPCS Phones
Best MetroPCS Phones

If for some reason you need to contact MetroPCS directly, you can do so via a few different methods — but oddly not by email. Taking care of things like AutoPay, Express Pay, or viewing account info can all be done easily online, but should you need to go beyond that, contacting MetroPCS by phone is your best bet.

By Phone

Obviously, the easiest way to get in touch with a rep is by phone. The direct line to MetroPCS customer service is 888-863-8768 (888-8metro8 ) or you can simply dial 611 from your MetroPCS phone. Yes, there will, unfortunately, be a bit of button pushing to get to a real person, but wait times typically range under the 3-minute mark.


You can also contact MetroPCS via its support account on Twitter, @MetroSupport. This account deals with quick issues that you may not be able to resolve on your own but typically won't go as deep as a good old-fashioned phone call. Still, for ease of use, you can't beat a quick Twitter message.

@MetroSupport on Twitter


If you're not a Twitter user and Facebook is more your speed, you can contact MetroPCS on Facebook as well. Its customer service team seems fairly active and quick to reply to comments on their Facebook page, so you shouldn't have too many issues using this method if you need a quick answer about something.

MetroPCS on Facebook

By Snail Mail

If you're super old school and want to contact MetroPCS by standard mail, you can do that as well. Keep in mind that MetroPCS has two different mailing addresses — one for correspondence and one for payments.

For MetroPCS payments:

MetroPCS Wireless, Inc.

PO Box 5119

Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119

For MetroPCS non-payments:

MetroPCS Wireless, Inc.

PO Box 601119

Dallas, TX 75360

NOT By Email

If you were looking to contact MetroPCS by email, you're unfortunately out of luck. While most carriers have some sort of customer service email address — or even a live chat option — MetroPCS does not. That means if you can't resolve your issue through their site on your own, you'll have to call the customer service number and talk to a live human instead.

Contact MetroPCS

So there you have it! To contact MetroPCS by phone is always your best bet, but there are still other options there as well through Twitter or Facebook for less emergent needs.

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  • I was on MetroPCS for a few months. I loved the service, but it was a major pain in the neck if I wanted to put my SIM card into a different phone. I would have to call in and give them the IMEI, so they could add it to my account. I haven't had to do that with a cell provider since I was on Sprint over 10 years ago! Metro really needs to upgrade with the times. Overhaul their back-end systems so customer can seamlessly swap SIMs, without having to call in and speak to someone. Get chat support integrated to their site. Overhaul their website so customers can purchase directly. This is level 1 stuff here...
  • Can not get into my metro account at all